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  1. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    Inflation is a non-issue in MMORPGs. Get more money, everything just gets sold for more because people try to sell for higher prices thinking they can make more. The only downside is that if you are rich you are less rich because you have less spending power. Also looting raw gold in the world becomes less meaningful. a 10k kinah quest becomes worthless when you can sell 10 pieces of ore you got from one node for 500k kinah. The solution if NCsoft even reads their forums (which would be a big improvement compared to blizzards forums, since they are twitter only it seems) would be to just nerf the items that are shelling out big kinah and understand that gathering and crafting should always be 5-10 times more profitable than just wacking mobs and vendering rubbish. Set a cap like blizzard did for kinah drops or item vender value to prevent each expansions new value from causing inflation.. And don't put a vender limit, that just doesn't feel good since most mmo's don't have a vender limit because all venders are multi billionaires who can pay everyone for useless crap they find.