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  1. Help with old gears and stuff

    But what about the level 65 ap set that says ap extractable.Where can I go to exchange that gear or ap extract or whatever?@_@
  2. So I recently returned to aion after leaving after 5.0 update.I have full seraph set(pvp gear)which is I heard obsolete now.I noticed that ap is extractable from the gear.Can anyone tell me where should I go to exchange ap for that gear?Also are old manastones,ench stones,ancient manastones and godstones are all obsolete now?Last but not least can any expert chanter help me out with new pvp and pve build for me.I mostly heal in dungeons.Thanks in advance.
  3. Back after a long time

    I haven't played aion since 2k16.so back after like 2+ years and have no idea what to do,what gear to get etc.Can someone help me out?I will also post some pics(link)of my currents stats and gears.Anyone mind telling me if I need to change my gear right now and what to get?Thank you in advance.Last but most important I can use some friends.:) -:PVE Stats:- Defence - https://imgur.com/7PRis3z Attack - https://imgur.com/zqepHx8 -:PVP Stats:- Defence - https://imgur.com/znxmmc1 Attack - https://imgur.com/64VfdVp Weapon I am using for both PVP and PVE - https://imgur.com/TsC9E8G PVP Gear Set - https://imgur.com/9o6a0U8 Stigma Set i usually use - https://imgur.com/Ejs9aIt Sorry Just feeling like a pure noob after coming back after a long time.