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  1. Back after a long time

    I haven't played aion since 2k16.so back after like 2+ years and have no idea what to do,what gear to get etc.Can someone help me out?I will also post some pics(link)of my currents stats and gears.Anyone mind telling me if I need to change my gear right now and what to get?Thank you in advance.Last but most important I can use some friends.:) -:PVE Stats:- Defence - https://imgur.com/7PRis3z Attack - https://imgur.com/zqepHx8 -:PVP Stats:- Defence - https://imgur.com/znxmmc1 Attack - https://imgur.com/64VfdVp Weapon I am using for both PVP and PVE - https://imgur.com/TsC9E8G PVP Gear Set - https://imgur.com/9o6a0U8 Stigma Set i usually use - https://imgur.com/Ejs9aIt Sorry Just feeling like a pure noob after coming back after a long time.