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  1. Yes, they are and if I understand it right (and worse, I shouldn't be telling you this if your a dam Ely) where I gotta touch down to talk with this guy is tricky but alas, as I said, I am the best aerialist in the game. I used to dodge hordes of Elys chasing me in the Abyss. And my one girl Mhoki, she had such a reputation there with her sleeper godstones I could sit atop a pillar and watch Ely battles and none would attack me!. God! I miss those days! The Abyss was my world back then. But ya, the way it is explained it is quite confusing and needs reworded badly. I dunno if something happened in the translation or what but especially the PVP part will leave ya dazed and confused, at least on the Asmo side. Now I do have one very lonely at times Ely Spiritmaster whom I keep for when I wanna see just how life is on the other side of Atrea, lol. I may get on her and see just how well it is explained there just for chits -n- giggles, lol.
  2. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    Yea it's sickning I can't even get the mount I want for my new characters even tho my main and most of my other characters have it (Some of Y'all might have seen me in Lakrum or Pandemonium recently on it. It's that pagatti mount that looks a lil like a Dragon). I mean it's bad enough mounts aren't account wide like they are in most all the other games I play, but here they come a long, hack our game to pieces, take away nearly everything we like from the BCM and then have the gall to say it was for our own good? Pa-Leease! I'm getting tired of asking NCWest so now I'm telling: bring back my dam Pagatti mount! By now you should know which one I mean!!!!!!!!!
  3. Worth Coming Back?

    Sorry guys I forgot to mention Lakrums new additions and a few other things. Was in the middle of editing my comment and was cut off!! -How rude for sure eh?, lol. Anyways, If I forgot something I'm sure one of my fellow regulars will chime in on the matter.
  4. Worth Coming Back?

    Hi, @Exmil-DN: I've been playing since release and while @Rapier-DN does make a few points so does @Forgotten-DN. You say you haven't played in a 'couple of years.' Well,by that do you mean pre 6.0 or post 6.0 because THAT is going to mean a lot and I mean a lot of difference on what you remember Aion to be like or what our game once was vs what it is now because as of 6.0 there were, ohhh, lemmie see how I can put this nicely:............There have been some major, and I mean major changes made to Aion as of 6.0 that have, er, well,....will really surprise you if you haven't played since say 5.8 or something like that is all I'm saying (Sorry guys I'm trying to be nice here, but y'all know how I really feel about those changes . Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!....., lol). So, anyways, now that we're past that. There is the event Forgotten mentioned and depending on when the last time you played was (to most of us 'a couple' means only 2 but to some it can mean 3 to 4 even up to 6. Hey I don't make up the translations ppl so don't prosecute!, lol) Leveling is now very fast. Oh and there is Demaha now if your an Asmodian like me or the equivalent if your one of those darn Elys who always wanna kill us for no dam reason plus a few more dungeons and instances have opened up such as Red Katalaim since you have been on last. Aion can still be a lot of fun to play however I will warn you that NCWest hasn't changed. Response times to tickets is still good but that's about it. We're pretty much left to ourselves here on this forum so don't expect to be listened to here. This is pretty much a place where we, the players come and share some comraderie and if we can help one and other if someone is having a technical issue or blow off some steam now and then so feel free to share your thoughts and woes, lol. Hope I've helped some. Good luck and hope to see ya in game!!
  5. Thx guys you's all been a big help. Why can't they explain things like that eh? I got a pretty good idea of what I gotta do now. I am after all the best aerialist in the game so it's time to put my skills to use. The landing will be critical because it's smack dab in the middle of enemy territory but I know I can pull it off. Gonna have to circle out wide while high enough not to get shot at then come in at the proper angle. This might be a lil tricky and take a few tries but I'll figure it out now that I know what must be done. Yea I know about that one windstream ya can practically stay in forever if ya want. It's kinda in the middle of the Lakrum map. It's good for getting up on those floating islands when ya want a lil privacy. Again, many thanks to all of you who helped: @Arhangelos-KT, @Vantheria-DN, @Matsukamy-KT, @Asniel-DN, and all others who helped me out with this. Myself and my poor nerfed to hell Main, my Sorceress, Aieryn Thanks you.
  6. They should have left our game the way it was before chopping it up with 6.0. At least it wasn't this dam hard to figure things out. This is ridiculous. Then they nerf my main, my Sorc to useless status to boot Come on. My main can't even survive in Lakrum if she's attacked by another player unless that other player is also a sorc who is just near or made lvl 80. Then we both just look pitiful. I guess I'll never get this gear and it's back to flying her around Enshar where I base at or Belusian where I know of at least 2 places I can fly her. Thanks a lot NCSoft
  7. Well, now I'm really confused about this windstream thing. I've never understood it from the beginning and I've got these yellow arrows pointing me to this sanctum or somewhere around it and I need someone to explain it to me so I understand better what I'm supposed to do to get my gear. Most of my other characters are geared so I just haven't worried with it on them, but since they nerfed the sorc so bad I just stopped playing her except for flying around areas like Enshar or belusian (not sure spelling) and I'm hoping this gear might give her better surviveability, etc. It probably looks bad but I've plenty of outfits to stamp it with if I don't like the looks so that's not a problem.

    Why are you sorry? I was agreeing with your post. You know, the look on the kid's face, lol. Oh, wait a minute, that wasn't you. Pay attention next time eh?
  9. Post your daeva ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I love threads like this!! I'll try to get some shots of my other characters up later. Just realized I can't. All mine are on my computer. There doesn't seem to be a way to upload a photo (sad face) I have a really beautiful one of Marleri from better days and some others of Aieryn and friends, Dam. Why do you have to spoil what fun we have left eh? This game has been a large part of our lives. I've been playing since release. A lot of us have so let us have our Fun will you and shut up!!!!
  10. Er, ya, I'm getting reeeeeaaaaaly frustrated here guys. I've taken my poor nerfed main, my Sorc, Aieryn past all of the NPC's and terrors and yes, the gangs of cowards lying in wait to zerg my undergeared azz to the Ancient Sanctum of Life about 50 dam times now and every dam friggin time it always seems to be manned by Elys? This Girl needs gear bad, really bad especially since the dam nerf. Is there any time this place is manned by Asmos??? If not this would seem very unfair to us Asmodians. Any help here on the server and real times here would be appreciated. Since my move I've been an hour behind and it's been throwing me off on everything, lol. Time zones and all. Much happier with everything else tho. Hope y'all are corona free!!
  11. Is it safe to come back?

    Was gonna answer but @Vantheria-DN seems to have covered it for ya.
  12. Vandal Lasers

    Yea I'll Critic anybody, Heeeeeeee!, lol.

    Errrrr, Ya, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. Serious question

    RP in Aion Died when 6.0 came a long slashing our game to pieces.
  15. The Abyss

    Yes. what everyone has said is true. However It is my hope tho at some later point in the future they may bring back some parts of the abyss with it's open areas and free flight. The abyss used to mean freedom for me. Oh,.......,One can hope................