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  1. So this happened..

    Lol, he, he, he.... Nope, me either.......................
  2. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Oh my gosh your killing me!,.............. my ribs hurt soooooo bad from laughing, lol, he, he, he......can't.... type... any...... She's deformed.
  3. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Np, I was laughing so hard as I wrote that post I wasn't even sure if I made sense, lol I had to edit it 4 times in fact. Turns out, rib splitting humor isn't good for typing, lol. Don't worry. As I said I got a great laugh out of this and after the week I had last week I need all the humor I can get. (wish I could put up a smiley face but they don't seem to be working for me.)
  4. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Chanters are cool. I love the way you can just use your staff or mace to beat the opposition sensless. They're a real stress reliever. My personal favorite in the 'Up close and personal' classes tho are Assassins. There's just something about a pair of daggers or dual broadswords running the 'slice and dice' angle that really appeals to me. Gladiators run a close second a long with the Chanter in this regard. And Chanters come with the added ability to 'heal the masses,' as it were so if you are a good healer Chanter might actually be the best class for you. If you like range the Chanters alter ego, the Cleric, which I also play by the way comes with many of the same healing attributes along with the ability to take out the opposition from a distance. So, again we're back to playstyle which only you know best. I wish you the best of luck and most fun whichever class you decide to go with.
  5. So this happened..

    Amen - at the risk of sounding uselessly religious, lol. Must be those @$#%'s affecting me again, lol, he, he, he.
  6. So this happened..

    Flood, flood,.......................fllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd. Flood, flood, glurb, glurb. I will call down the flood, er, or floods.......... This is an example of a useless post. Not what Aly's talking about k? Yes we've all been there. But sometimes it helps to vent. Now this I got a good laugh over, lol.
  7. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    I'm no expert, especially at PVP. However IMHO how you gear your character should be based on their class and more importantly, your playstyle. Everyone is different a little in regard to playstyle so you should gear your character/s according to your strong points and weak points. It seems to work for me and has for 10+ years now. As for the new Painter class: I haven't played it yet even though 7x is available on my Korea account. I'm kind of waiting for NA's release of 7.0 to see if we get the extra character slots we were promised with 6x we never got as NA is my main play account. My Korea and EU accounts were created just to experience new things/patches so I have an idea of whats to come for NA. So I can't at this time justify the expense both in time and real $$ for the creation of any more characters on either other than the two that currently exist on each.
  8. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Even if this were implemented we veterans would still be loyal to Aion. The only, and I mean only thing that may, and I say MAY make us leave Aion would be the release of a similar game with a great storyline and personal flight with Aion's realism, and also (my God I can't believe I'm gonna say this) that has a PVP model as intense as Aion's. And even this would take evaluation time of 1 or more years while we Veterans still remained loyal to Aion..... Barring that, we Veterans will stay loyal and hope for changes like those coming with 7x to continue. Aion seems to be at a crossroads. Let us just hope it takes the correct road forward.
  9. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    So, BNS has BIGGER Boobs? Seriously that's all I see here demonstrated by these photos/screenshots is an exploitation of Women's anatomy. Come on guys, Yes, I'm Female in RL (most of y'all know this so pls skip the derogatory) and most of the time when I see a female character in a game with monstrous boobs I laugh,....Hard, as I know this poor misrepresentation of female anatomy was probably created by an adolescent male with very repressed sexuality who's probably never seen real boobs (and with those unreal expectations it's unlikely he ever will, lol). Hell, I've even seen big boobs on male bodies (I can only guess what kind of urge brings this on, lol, he, he, he) But as I've said in other threads, To each their own. So I get a very good hard laugh at these characters and move on. Most of my female gamer friends and I have very comical discussions over things like this. HOWEVER: I can't for the life of me see how a game that allows bigger boobs in it's character creator should in any way for any reason be any more popular than any other game. I personally never cared for BNS but that's me. Again, to each their own. I guess it could be said that most female gamers that see a character like these probably would be an easy kill for one reason; she'd be laughing so hard it'd be impossible to defend her character, lol, he, he, he, he, he. I know I did when I saw these photos/screenshots.
  10. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Thanks to everyone for the "Get Better" wishes. We're actually going to Waconda (place in Illinois we're moving to) on a mini kinda pre-move vacay during the last two weeks of August to get the lay of the land, so to speak, check the housing markets, etc., etc. My Doctors down here, intense quacks all of them, are worried about my going on vacation so soon after my recent bout in Hospital, but as I told them it's my first vacation in 5 years so come hell, high water, 10 plagues of Egypt, or Atom bombs in the outhouse it's happening, lol he., he., he. Seriously thank you everyone. (dam, smily's don't work here)
  11. Share your story about gear enchantment.

    Insults, rather than facts to support your argument are what shows ignorance. That being said I'll end my reply here so I don't further fuel yours. Have a lovely day
  12. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Thank you for the well wishes. I think things will be much better for both myself and my daughter up there. The Florida I fell in love with just doesn't exist anymore. Global warming has ruined it. Best part is I get to run around the Great lakes now with my boat instead of the skeeter infested swamps I have here, lol. And these things are the size of tennis balls. Plus, our friends up there we'll be staying with are hardcore gamers like we are, he, he. Oh Gosh I couldn't even have water for 5 days. I had a septic infection and of course, I had a slew of swallowing and esophagus tests, tests, biopsies, tests, and more tests. Antibiotics that made my head swim, lol. Best I can do without getting too gross here (though swallowing that barium stuff nearly made me gag every time, ew).
  13. Quiting game

    I agree, their trashtalk was awful. I think I actually watched a few of the Asmodians who took up for those leveling when this happened a few times. And I do have 1 Elyos and I know I saw this happen a few times out in the desert of Elthen when I was on her. I would have joined you but I too was one of those levelers at the time. My 1 Elyos characters name is Naterie so if ya saw her standing around watching, that was me. I created my 1 Elyos only for the purpose of experiencing Aion's story from both sides. I'm Asmodian and proud through and through and always will be. However, it is sometimes refreshing to get to see the story through your opponents eyes, so to speak. Once in a while that is, lol.
  14. Quiting game

    Er, not bragging here,...but,...I did this quest on my first try and actually landed on the ship perfectly in front of the pirate I had to kill to get what I needed from him. Yes, in latter attempts I had a few close calls however this was usually a "bad timing" issue with the geysers. For which I quickly determined (on the 'Fly' I might add - No pun intended) to just circle the geyser in question if and when this happened until I achieved the height I needed to move on (I usually had over 2 minutes of flight time by the time I got to this point through various sources, ie: manastones, wings themselves, etc., etc., etc.) which became second nature after the first few times this happened. Sorry you had such trouble with this one. I won't even comment on the other "glide quest" y'all mentioned for though I'd be telling the truth as I am here, it would probably sound like bragging if I do, lol.
  15. Quiting game

    Come to think of it, I'm GM of a Legion on DN in bad need of rebuilding. If your interested and willing to switch over to DN I could use the help. However, be forwarned: As Asmodians on DN you will be attacked, you will be ganked, etc., etc., etc., but that's Aion. I could make you an officer coming out of the gate and it would give you extra purpose and something to work toward. Its just a suggestion tho. No hard feelings if you decline as I know helping run a Legion is a big responsibility. I'm GM of a popular guild on SWTOR as well. Anyways, take your time and let me know what you decide. I base out of Enshar and characters name is Jali if your interested. Oh my gosh!, lol, he, he, he, he. Thanks. Hurt my ribs laughing at that one. Oh I remember that well. I think we all do, lol, he, he, he. The twink vs twink brigades, lol.