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  2. Need to get this out (minor rant)

    I too have been playing Aion since it's release all those years ago, and as a few ppl here already know about me I too feel like the powers that be just said F---k Y'all, as they took away everything that made Aion awesome. So I agree.
  3. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    Yea, when your used to playing your games on a 50" widescreen, the thought of playing them on a phone is just not a happy one. I definitely agree.
  4. yea I hate the transformations as well. I don't spend over an hour in character creation getting the right look, muscle tone, body face, etc so I can give my looks up for those of a big eyed cartoon animal, lol, it screws up my immersion big time so I know how you feel. Right now I'm just hoping for a miracle.
  5. My time on Aion since 6.2 came has dwindled to logging in once or twice a week, fluttering (flying) around Dragonrest for an hour, then logging off til the next week. When you consider I used to be subscribed (then prestige afterward), and spend all day playing this game what it has become is tragic to say the least. All my favorite places are gone. All the side quests I used to love are gone. Aion's story has been reduced to a tiny fraction of what it once was, etc., etc., etc., the list goes on..... I'd say more but I think y'all get the idea.
  6. AIon 7.0

    Well, this gives me hope for Aion's future. Though I'll hold out on just how much hope for now. Also I agree, Ereskegal was/is my favorite Dragon Lord as well, and I'll hate to see her go so soon without knowing more about her. And lastly, I'd have preferred a different Dragon Lord to rise other than Beritra, however I do understand the reasoning here due to prior story content. I will however be very happy to have a new map to explore whether its a re-hash of Tiamatra or not, it's new content for a game that's currently starving for it. So all in all, it looks like a good thing coming.
  7. New Class is coming?

    And we all look like furry big eyed animal cartoons!, lol Seriously is this new class a Bubble Blower?? Those discs remind me of the thing we used to dip into the soap water to make bubbles, lol.
  8. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    While I know its not all NCWest's fault for what has happened to my favorite game for I place the blame equally. Aion had a very good story which is now gone along with many of our maps we enjoyed exploring. However I won't re-hash other replies and posts I've made on this subject by stating them all over again. I will only state that my time on Aion consists of logging in, then fluttering around Dragonrest for a lil bit. Drop down and kill something, take off and flutter some more, then go shop some on the exchange, until I get bored which usually happens in about an hour, then I log off until I get an itch to fly around Dragonrest again which usually is about three days and I'll repeat the process. When you consider I used to spend all day on Aion (when I had the time of course) and was always excited for the next time I could get lost in the game, compared to what I do now its just a shame. I'm holding out for more content and maps hopefully to be added later on but with things as they are it may be a long time coming.
  9. whens the next patch?

    I'm sorry then Aly. I shouldn't jump to conclusions.
  10. Can I still enchant Archdaeva gear?

    Happy to see someone else feels as I do about Flying. As you said: What good is it to be a Daeva in the first place if you can't fly? Being able to fly is one of the major things that define you as a Daeva. I'm glad I got all my characters their good wing sets before this patch. And I am hoping they add more maps including one where you can fly everywhere like we had in the Abyss soon. Flying is a major part of this game for me.
  11. whens the next patch?

    I'm pretty sure you know what I mean by 6x. I guess some ppl. need things spelled out for them or worse, a picture drawn. I'll use 6.2 from now on, happy?
  12. whens the next patch?

    Agreed, 6x even made Munn boring - and I used to love his backstory. I'm just holding out for better days in Aion. But I can only hold out for so long.....
  13. I'm currently doing the same as you. However I've already gotten bored with the limited content - something I thought would never happen with Aion. I do realise that maybe they'll add content later on and this is one of the things I'm holding out for. And since I'm mostly PVE the sloooooooow motion while aggravating at times I can live with it. However I have ran into a few campaign quests that require you to use a transformation. So I have to purchase transparency scrolls to do these - ergo if I want my character to look like who she is, I'm being forced to buy them, which is my point.
  14. I am so happy many of you agree with me on this/these points regarding transformations. For each of my characters I spent nearly an hour to an hour in a half just in character creation defining how they look. This is a huge part of my immersion. And while I've said this before in some of my other posts: I didn't go through all of this defining how my character looks to just up and throw all that time away to look like a silly over sized fat penguin or polar bear, etc., etc., etc., that the worse cartoon animator alive wouldn't use on their worse day alive. And to have these silly transformations FORCED upon me is unthinkable, reprhensive, and literally an INSULT to my preferred immersion and creativity with the character creator in making my characters. I was buying Transparency Scrolls. But these don't last long enough and are too expensive at 80 CC per so I've just stopped using transformations for most quests and just put up with my characters in slooooooow motion, and reduced output. There are a few campaign quests however where you have to use a transformation. I save the few transparency scrolls I can afford for these so my character looks like who she is, and not some ridiculous imitation of a cartoon. In truth, if the current transformation machination doesn't change, my future in Aion will be to log in, flutter around Enshar a bit till I get bored, maybe shop a little then log out for the day. Which is sad really for I subbed to this game for many years and bought Prestige after that monthly. With 6x, so much of Aion has been lost though, and to have this transformation into silly looking cartoons compounded with all of the other negativities being FORCED upon us piled on top of it to tell you the truth I'm only holding out for hope NCW, GF, and the powers that be in Korea will come to their senses and realize they made some huge boo-boo's and correct them............ ..................For my spirit has already left the game........
  15. How do I transfer Kinah to my new character?

    Before the patch I evenly distributed my loads of Kinah between my characters. I had played 6x in both Korea, and EU so I had a good idea what was coming. I also got my Main and her alts all of their wings and mounts on each character I wanted for this same reason. I realize not everyone had the chance to play 6x in these other areas prior to it being released here in NA tho and that is the problem with everything being so locked down as it is. IMHO, all things you purchase from the cash shop should be acount-wide, and that includes in game money. The only things that shouldn't be are those items you need to earn or get from doing special content.