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  1. It amazes me, lol, maybe it's because I been playing since release. But you ppl never stop complaining! We finally get a classic server (something I thought would never happen) and you can't be happy and just enjoy it you complain about character slots!, Oh my gosh ppl!. The version of Aion We're playing here only HAD 5 character slots! So grow up, be adults (I know it will be hard for some of you but please try) and enjoy what we have okay? Thank you.
  2. Super awesome! Aion Classic! Downloading it now. Can't wait. can someone fill me in on it's quality vs.older versions?
  3. Normally I reply to these posta but since I lost internet access for over 6 months not too long ago a lot is new to me as well. Sounds like the current answers have got you covered tho. I've been playing Aion since the beginning myself and very well do remember those 2.0 days, lol. Miss them too as well as many other times. Good luck. See ya in game although I'm Asmodian so, er, ....maybe not, lol.
  4. I know I don't need to say this again but I'm all for a classic server. However I just do not think NA has the population to support it. That being said.................................................: I'm done here. I do thank everyone for your comments even the Novelist but I don't want to be the reason for this thread being closed. So consider this my last comment. Enjoy everyone and as has been said: Keep things civil. And Yay to all you 50+ gamers out there!!
  5. Heeeeeeeeee! I love it! @Unbeatable-KT I've been playing Aion Since release and have been around these forums since the beginning. Again, Enough said. Oh, one last thing: I reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllly hope your an Ely! You'll find out why later................
  6. @Unbeatable-KT: I really don't need to justify myself with an answer. But what the hell: Many here know me and know I do not take any anti-Psychotic meds Lithium included and that in fact I'm ex DOD and that I crash landed a Plane in 1991 and have been a pain management patient since then get it!! In addition, If I told you my IQ, it would scare you. Enough said. It's interesting how I have been so concise with all that english not being my first language and all.
  7. I got excited for nothing then. posted that for nothing too. Cheesecake was one of my best friends and she did answer a lott of tech questions. I know she's female like me tho and did think the make avatar was weird. Thanks Vantheria
  8. Hiyas Cheesey!! Hope you and family had a lovely Christmas!!. I just got my internet back 3 to 4 weeks ago after 6 months without. I came back to all these changes. As you know I'm teck savy but I haven't been back long enough with all these new changes to be any help. Still getting used to them myself. I haven't had any of the problems that you have mentioned here happen to me nor any other problems but, as you know I'm using a custom built over the top gaming machine way beyond the specs you need to play Aion and,though I have a new AMD Graphic's card I've even Isolated the proble
  9. You ppl are giving me a migraine. And @Unbeatable-KT, This thread would be 2 pages shorter if you would stop putting 4 to 5 quotes in each post and trying to write a Novella or Short story with each post. My gosh!!!!! I get it English is not your first language. It isn't mine either but come on! As far as Classic Aion goes? You can play it now. It's called Google. Try it!. I'm going back to my jokes and drinks and pills now. Seeing too many of my few friends that are left taking all this too seriously is reminding me of an old David Bowie Song from a Movie called "Cat People" ca
  10. Usually I'm Miss gloom & doom But I really have to say that I've been enjoying all the events this year especially Daeva dash (as usual per me) and ther snowball event plus all the others. And I must say I'm enjoying posting in such a positive thread! So my thanks to the OP!!
  11. It's called Google, try it! Nope, I'm not digging up my ten foot pole for the 2nd part of this reply. My comments above stand.
  12. If your one of them Elyos stay on KT, lol I got enough Ely butt's to kick over here on DN, lol Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  13. Squid, I've read over 60 to 70 threads similar to this one since I started to use my main Aieryn to read and reply to posts here on the forums instead of my Gladiator and that is a change I made roughly 3 years ago which is why I mention that timeline and don't have thousands of posts reflected under my name and also because it reflects a more recent timeframe ppl can relate to. There are more than 60 to 70 players online in retail now. In second: As I've stated numerous times: I'm not against a classic server. I'm just pointing out that here in NA a classic server would be a bad idea bec
  14. Geez Glad I haven signed into my EU account since I've been back online except to verify it was working. Did the same with my Kr account as well . I use all AMD hardware when it comes to my CPU and my GPU and my ping is low even when using my EU account from here in NA or, it alway6s was in the past. I play Elder Scrolls online and I have a Er, well, UK server acct as well as an account here and I never have a problem however I'm running a black Edition AMD CPU that is 4 GHZ before overclocking and my RAM is 32 GB running wide open and my GPU has 8 GB dedicated GDDR5. I did have to replace my
  15. Agreed. Getting angry here will only bring down the ban hammer. I do like the idea of celebrating Christas ourselves tho. I just didn't care for the harshnes of the post.
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