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  1. Agreed. I have a new acct. I created while waiting for them to fix our character slots so that I could play a Vandal without deleting any characters on my main account(just fyi, I've been Prestige since Aion went ftp) and I was able to create more than 1 character on that account even after 7.0. So I think @Matsukamy-KT is correct, it must be a new bug of some kind. My new acct. tho is on KT rather than DN where my main acct. is so it might be something related to DN?, I dunno. I'm glad to hear you got things working.
  2. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    I haven't logged in yet today but as of Saturday I still haven't gotten my Vandal pack and I already did the log-on to Aion and the 'Apply Code' thing last week when I found out about it. Maybe it's there today I dunno we'll see.
  3. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    As most here know I've been playing since release. However, I'm Asmodian so if your an Elyos I wouldn't know you unless your a twink who (since 6x) comes to Gelekameros(not sure spelling) or someplace like that to Zerg/Gank lower level players or did the same in Morheim prior to 6x. I only have 1 Elyos character and she is on KT & I rarely play her, vs my now 11 Asmodians on DN. And besides, I was only being polite with the He/She thing because depending on my mood at the time I sometimes get a lil irked when everyone refers to me as a guy when I'm not one. Most here know who and what I am as well tho. Have a lovely day.
  4. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    Laugh it up if you want but I'm not kidding (your prolly an Ely, lol). Now I only got one PS ticket per character but I could use them for each whenever I wanted. When this happened it only screwed up the eyes a bit on my characters so fixing each of them only took a few minutes. Oh and by the way, I sincerely wish I WAS Intoxicated or high on something with what I found when I got home from vacation 3 days ago, and that's no joke.
  5. Can we vote what we want like in the past ?

    I second this^^^^^^^^^!!
  6. Daeva Day Event Celebrations

    Same here. NP with coins.
  7. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    I got a use anytime I want plastic surgery ticket for that one for every character. Not a limited one I had to use within an hour. I am Prestige tho so that might have had some bearing on it but I'm not sure.
  8. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    I think due to skipping multiple lines in his/her post and replies in a useless hope for more impact he/she is confused, lol. It sometimes can take me over an hour to create a character. But usually if, and I say, if and when I need a plastic surgery ticket I usually know what I need to fix and that only takes five minutes at the most.
  9. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    Y'all gotta excuse me here. I'm resisting the urge to be funny, lol. In all seriousness tho, Every time I have filed a ticket for whatever reason I've always gotten a reply within 24 hours or less, less in most cases. Is there something your not telling us? I'm not saying on purpose but, something maybe you forgot being that your upset?
  10. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    My only concern is how it looks. So, so many outfits on this game are such Fashion Failures it'd be funny if it were not so pathetic. I usually save any outfits I like I get from drops, etc. while leveling so I can stamp them as skins on my end game gear. I've done that with both of my Vandals I've created (the class is so much fun, I just love throwing paint, lol) since I got my new character slots. I also created a Songweaver and a Templar to fill the slots. Now the only class I don't have is an Aethertech which I have no interest in playing although I do enjoy my Gunslinger. With nearly all of my characters at max level for so many years I have to admit it is refreshing to actually be leveling a character again even though it doesn't take me that long (one Vandal is at lvl 66, the other is at 77). For so long the only time I even came close was when they had a lvl cap increase. My other two new characters are only at lvl 15. I'm saving them there until I'm done with the Vandals. Back on subject: Tho I'm not holding my breath, I haven't gotten my Vandal pack yet so I don't yet know if the skin is as are so many others, yet another Fashion Failure so if one of y'all could post a screenshot I'd graciously appreciate it, and I thank you in advance. PS: I was able to edit this in because your post came in as I was writing mine. @Vantheria-DN, thank you for the screenshots. Yup, as I feared, another Fashion Failure!, lol.
  11. Prestiage Pass

    I'm longtime Prestige so I got my extra slots right after the latest patch. But thank you for posting this. I know this question hasn't been adequately answered yet on the forums.
  12. Can't play today; keep crashing...

    Haven't logged in yet today so I dunno yet. However if I have a problem I'll let you know.
  13. 12-characters unlocked now?

    ^^^This is the truth^^^ Once you have filled your extra character slots, even if Prestige drops you will still be able to access and play each one. However, should you delete one character after Prestige drops you cannot access that slot again until Prestige is renewed. That's the gist of it and how it works anyways.
  14. I second this^^^^^^^!!!! Especially Line 2!
  15. Thank you Ncsoft

    Can't any of you guys be positive about something? @Cyan: Please relate my thanks to the devs for getting our character slots fixed. I was finally able to create a Vandal on my main account and for this one thing at least I am thankful. Back on subject: With all the deep dark doom and gloom on this forum I sometimes wonder if it isn't for that reason we do not get many replies. In any case, to each their own, but it''s something to think about. Y'all have a lovely day.