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  1. Which server?

    Yea Katalam is where my one lonely Ely SM is. We Asmo's tend to more thrive on Danaria.
  2. What's new?

    Is it worth it to login and play? I think it is but in reality it depends on your point of view and what your looking for. However I will say this: I wouldn't spend too much money on the game if your just logging in to see what has changed since you've been gone. Other than that, hope to see you in game, er, unless your Ely, lol, he, he, he...........
  3. Do you guys remember when...

    I dunno I'm still hoping for a miracle that will save Aion. There just isn't any other game out there that even closely compares to it. So while I too see the writing on the wall I can hope that fulfillment of such is still a long ways off, and I can still hope for my miracle during this time.
  4. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Lol, likewise, he, he. .........Now if I could just get my dam truck fixed............ Turns out my brother in law cut corners when installing my timing chain & gear set. He's got it a tooth off which is why after my spending over 2k on other mechanics and parts it still isn't running. Arrrrrrrgggg I could choke him over this as he's a mechanic himself and should know better.
  5. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Oh I hear ya Sneak as I too have been playing since Aion's release and have seen all the up's and downs. However the only thing that could make me give up on Aion would be the release of another game offering personal flight where I can sprout bird like wings and fly with Aion's realism. I do play RO once in a while but RO's story line leaves a lot to be desired, still needs a lot of work plus completion, and it's flight mechanics need a lot of work to provide the realism Aion's does. So for now, as stated I guess I'm here for the duration come what may, lol. I wish you the very best of luck in finding a game that fits your needs.
  6. Aion Tshirts When?

    I never got mine from 6.0, so I never even bothered with it this time. I just feel it's better to NOT be disappointed, lol. Best of luck to y'all who try tho.
  7. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Thanks Sneak. Hopefully ya, we'll be up there soon.Vehicle is giving us fits tho. I almost think We should have just bought something else, lol. I'm not giving up on Aion tho despite the snails pace at getting answers and or things done. There just isn't another game out there yet that offers personal flight with Aion's realism so, I guess I'm here for the duration come what may, lol.
  8. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Hi y'all I agree, and agree, and agree with everyone here especially you Aly that we should get compensated for being denied access to this instance for so long. And yea, Let Sneak dream a little!, lol. Sorry I've not been on the forums for a while. I have been playing tho. I've ran into a lot of problems regarding my move to Illinois which as y'all know was supposed to take place in October. Vehicle broke down however and it's taken a while to fix. So hopefully my daughter and I will get moved in a couple of weeks. Back on topic: As we all know tho getting things done in Aion these days happens slower than in stuff does in the legal system so, while we can dream reality tells me we won't see anything any time soon. Have a lovely day!
  9. Some skins I'd like to buy

    I might have the Knights Dress. Give me a few days to look (having more computer problems but I know what the issue is. a less than 6 month old Graphics card that broke the bank literally and both fans quit working on it. Problem is not on my Motherboard either as that checks out. I think only one of them was working for some time now. This is an AMD ATI Radeon 12 GB Gddr5 card too. Very disappointed in their fans on these cards) as I am again having problems keeping my computer on while playing games. Oh the card itself is awesome but the fans on it - not so much. Thinking about jury rigging some other type of fans on the card because despite these originals having ball bearings I think they are defective or of poor quality so I'd rather not replace them with the same thing. So I'll get back to you in a few days after I solve my fan problem.
  10. Fighting fragments

    ^^^^^^^^ LoL^^^^^^^^^!!
  11. event gear

    Yea, your old gear is just skins now so if you like the look save it and any outfits you get while leveling you like until you get to level 80 and put in enough time doing the Genesis crystal or Pandora quests to at least get your end game PVE and\or PVP gear. Some items will only let you use them as skins once however there are a few instances you can repeat that give decent looking gear especially if your Prestige as I am. Even if not tho you usually can repeat these daily so once you get used to how things work now vs. how they used to you'll find your way and end up with halfway decent gear to start doing the bigger instances with. As advice I wouldn't head to Demaha until you have at least Ancient genesis crystal PVP gear or better. With the level 76 Lakrum protector (PVE) or Lakrum scout (PVP) gear you'll find it hard to survive in Demaha unless you stay grouped with friends. Just FYI. To the OP: Welcome Back!!
  12. Fighting fragments

    @Ele-DN: You must just enjoy typing. I just read through this entire thread and felt like banging my head against the wall. You post the same thing over and over just worded differently. Come on, after all this just agree to disagree and give it a rest because you obviously do not listen when ppl with experience try and point things out to you or, voice an opinion you do not agree with. Your giving me a migraine!
  13. Gameforge 7.2: Shadows Over Red Katalam

    Ya never truly know about things. I followed Aion forums myself for years before ever posting and I've been playing since release 10+ years now. Also when I first started posting I wasn't signing in on my main as I do now. So this may just be their first post with this character. And if I am wrong about this, @Danubio-DN: Welcome to the Forum!!
  14. November shop update coming soon

    I'd be happy with my favorite dragon looking Pagatti mount back. I love that mount and tho I can still get the Flying Pagatti as I love it too, I reeeeaaaallly love the other one that we could get before 6.0. Thanks in advance @Cyan for forwarding our suggestions.
  15. I'm forced to agree with the Squid on this one MooMoo. Though I do recognize your concern, and do see the potential for a lil confusion on newer or less experienced players, those of us who are veterans or have been playing on Katalaim and Dannaria for 3+ or more years now know where our accounts are and besides, an enemy is an enemy to me regardless whether KT or DN follows their characters name and in the heat of battle or your Zerging ( proper term depending on your playstyle and\or tactics) who is really going to care? It's gonna be 'Kill or be killed,' (lol). The only thing that may, and I say this only imho is if Ely's and Asmodians from KT or DN decide to ally with one another for survival purposes or some yet unknown reason (who knows why some ppl do what they do, lol) and they lose track of their teammates who are on a different server but incodents like this even if possible would be very rare, few and far between. Hell, I know I myself (Asmo and proud here) would never team up with any cowardly Ely's based alone on some of their recent ambush tactics I've experienced in Lakrum let alone the probable 100 other reasons I can come up with. However I do feel it necessary to point out that I do have a long experience with cross server platforms so this may be why I do not see much need for concern. You are usually right about these things after all MooMoo. I guess we'll just have to wait and see on the name issue tho.