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  1. I thank everyone for the lovely welcome backls and comments. Yes, Cheesy and Aly and Moo Moo The squid, Vantheria and all the others too numerous to mention I used to talk to wherever you are I only whish you the best and to let you know I miss you. Happy Holidays and all I can say is, It's good to be back.
  2. I'm asmo and proud. I do have one Ely tho on KT server. But hey, it's Aion. I'll always come back as long as I can anyways. Been playing since the beginning so seen it all. Although I've only been using my main Aieryn for reading and posting on the forums for around 3 years now. I used to use my Gladiator as my username here. Tell y'all her name another time
  3. I'd love to add it to something @Arhangelos-KT I just don't know what, lol.
  4. Its called Google Give it a try. Enough said.
  5. Yes, I have but those of us like me with such history have no need to state the obvious.
  6. ROFL HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Again. I can't help it!!! Sorry folks. When We're polluted with posts like this from such....dare I even say it....from such creative names like "GenericUser," I won't even bother with the numbers I find it very hard to take them seriously. If they indeed have been playing since beta then they have a username ppl like me Aly, Cheese, Moo Moo, Etc, will prolly know. Why not use it?? Hmmmm? Are they ashamed or just a big fat liar? I have to go with the latter in this case. How bout you guys eh?
  7. All I did was run around half sad from missing everyone. Yes Matsukamy I missed you and "The Squid" too During my 6 month internet sabotage, lol. I missed Aion in any form tho and am just happy the game is still here. And yes like Cheesy I too follow threads like this popcorn in hand, lol. and I miss you as well Aly!!
  8. I's fine I'm still happy that your here on the forums and that you've been around for a while so your someone I can relate to. I miss Cheesy, Moo Moo and so, so, so many others although I did see a couple of posts from Vantheria and the Squid earlier today on another topic. Yea half the time I just get on and check my mail, check on my Legion, or get my money from sales on the broker or fly around some. Then sometimes I love to go do stuff. It depends. Like I said I'm just glad your here. And to Cheesy, Moo Moo, And all of you guys I used to talk to I really miss you.
  9. I want all of you with the exception of Cheesy and any other old timers like me who are here, to know this comes straight from my heart: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!, lol, He, he, he, he, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ROFL, Sorry I can't stop laughing............ This again!!! ON A SERIOUS NOTE: I'm all for a classic server in NA, but not at the cost of losing the Aion we have now ppl! Despite it's many flaws in todays format Aion is still my favorite game and I'm so happy it's still here for me to play even with the changes after what happened to me which caused me to lose my int
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yea, there are two places in Belusian you can fly although one is kinda like flying underwater, lol. I'm just happy the game is still here and my characters are okay although I still need to move about 5 to 6 of them to my new Opp's base. It will take me some time to get used to the new map plus the new way things work now but it also seems that both my Europe and Korea accounts are intact as well although I'm not that sure now if it will be of the same use in keeping them as it was before or not. Only time can tell me that one. So how have you been? I remember readi
  11. Hi Everyone! I finally after 6 months persueded AT&T to run me a line to this Apartment I'm in in this basement after 6 months so I now have internet again. I'm sad to say I broke up with the Boyfriend as well and I really loved this guy - still do so I'm an emotional wreck. However, I figured out all of the moved around stuff and the new launcher stuff and what the hell? What happened to Lakrum and the new map? I've said I'm not gonna be a nyerk on our new forum but, P-lease somebody tell me what happened while I was in internet limbo? Also, They took out Dragonrest? That was my base
  12. Er, ya, Cheesy and you have been missed my friend. Back to business: To get you started you can do the quests around Lakrum to earn genesis crystals. These will buy you slightly better gear than the free Lakrum protector/scout gear you get by doing the story quests when you get there. These NPC's you buy them from are inside the 2nd building from the left or the 1st entrance to the left of the teleportation station/statue. Once you have this gear you should be able to pretty much survive anything in Lakrum, unless you really suck, lol, he, he, he, - sorry, couldn't resist a bit of h
  13. Crap, forgot to include this,....Oh well. Brazil is a country that I sadly never got to visit during my DOD days so I'm not sure how things work there especially internet and gaming wise so please excuse me if this sounds ridiculous: What I suggest is, that if it is possible, that you temporarily shut down your ping reducing programs and login without them as an experiment to see if you stay logged in. If you do then you will have identified the problem which you can pass on to support with your ticket which will help them in solving your issue. I sincerely hope this helps. And
  14. AION is practicing social distancing. lol. If you get within 6 feet of another character you will be bumped off the server, lol, he, he, he, Heeeereeeeeeee!!! Corona has gone digital folks!! Pfffft!, He, he, he, he - Sorry, my Midori is flowing so don't mind me....... (Midori is a type of booze made from melons {for the "spirits-ually" challenged, lol}). On a serious note. I had absolutely no problem logging in today and staying logged in for over 3 hours until I had to go out for utterly stupid reasons unimportant to this thread. So @Vantheria-DN you could be onto something concerni
  15. I certainly hope this is true and some of these skins are coming back in the 7.6 patch as @Shaidessa-KT says eh? I haven't been on my Korea account in some time as I recently had to re-load Windows on my gamer and also my laptop I use for gaming needed a Windows 10 upgrade so I'm currently re-installing some games on my big machine and all of them on the laptop. Considering all the games I play this is a monumental task on the laptop alone. Thank the heavens that my Gamer uses SSD's and my games are on a separate SSD from the SSD Windows is on. My only mistake was I screwed up a bit and forgot
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