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  1. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    I respect your views on this. However, I'm mostly a solo player anyway. I very rarely do group content. But when I do, well, let me just say there are many more ppl who feel as I do regarding Transformations out there, especially here in NA. Finding a group of like minded individuals to do content with doesn't seem to be a problem for me. Also, as I said, If I must use a Transformation, I'll guarantee I have a Transparency scroll to counteract that ridiculousness handy for I do on each character keep plenty of them available. Right now Transparency scrolls are the only thing I'll spend money on from the BC Store, and since I have a healthy supply of Prestige coins left over from before 6.0 I've been getting them with these as well. As stated I respect your views on this, however, this begs the question: If someone in your group is using Transparency scrolls, would you still kick them ASAP?
  2. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    In the character creator under body modifications section where you can change your characters body height, leg length, etc., near the bottom right you will see a checkbox with the words "remove mane" beside it. Check that box and your mane is removed.
  3. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    Well, then we should at least have an option like we do with our headgear to either show it or not to by a click. Also, in the character creator you can have your mane removed. So there currently is an option out there for those who dislike our manes. But none for those of us who want to keep it, that's the point. I can remember a time when we had Talons as well. I was sad when those were taken away.
  4. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    I flat out REFUSE to use transformations. I do what I can in game without them. And they won't break me with transparency scrolls either. I use one if I absolutely have to to complete a campaign quest but only if needed for this. I didn't spend over an hour in character creation with each of my characters getting the perfect look, so that I could throw it away and look like some silly very poorly rendered cartoon animal. And I miss the Abyss, I miss Flying. Right now there is only 2 places left in game where you can fly if your Asmodian like me: Drakenspire in Enshar, and Belusian around the fortress. This is pathetic having experienced what this game once was (I've been playing since release). Also, they'll never sell me an outfit from the BC store until they fix it so they won't take our manes away. Our manes are all we have left that make us unique. Without them we might as well all be Elyos. Just putting how I feel out there.
  5. Account Trading Items

    Lets get back on topic please? I do understand and agree with the OP and others here concerning the issue of being able to trade items from character to character on the same account. I myself feel not only frustrated by this, but ripped off as well. For example: I've been playing Aion for a very long time so thus I've accumulated a lot of gear. Some I bought from the money store and some I've worked in some cases weeks or months to get. When upon 6.0's release gear type became so restrictive, ie: plate must wear only plate, chain must wear only chain, Leather must wear only leather, and so on and so on, I am now stuck with a lot of gear some of which I bought with real money, that is no longer useable by the character who has it only because it might be chain or leather where the character in this example needs plate (my Gladiator suffers the worse from this). If I could at least trade between my characters on my one and only account I'd at least be able to give this (sometimes very expensive) gear to one of my characters that can use it. But as it stands now I can't so I'm suffering from near full warehouses with no options to even sell these items to recoup a portion of my loss both financially or in the time spent working to obtain certain items. I won't just destroy items I worked so long to obtain or worse, destroy items I paid real money for. So, what's left for me to do?
  6. Q & A session with the Community

    Agreed. There has to be a way anonymously if need be, for the CM's to talk with us. I've been playing Aion since it's release. I've saw posts here on the forums by many others who have as well. We fell in love with the game a long time ago. And while many of us, myself included, threatened to quit once 6.0 came out we are still here, still playing, and still posting in hopes of being heard by those who make decisions for the game. The OP of this thread has some very good ideas. I sincerely hope they are acted upon before it is too late.
  7. I'm sad.

    Thanks. I'll check it out.
  8. I'm sad.

    What does A:IR stand for? Never heard of it until now.
  9. State of The Game

    Yes, agreed. I keep hoping they'll add more items especially wings and outfits to the BCM like the store was before 6.0, and especially for we Asmodians, offer us outfits that DO NOT delete out manes! That's the only thing left that makes us unique (I've played since release). Since 6.0, even outfits that Did Not previously delete our manes now do so. One example is the former Sea Feast outfit (as of 6.0 it's called something else). I specifically bought this outfit for each of my characters before 6.0 because it left their manes intact. Now, these outfits are unuseable to me, and I feel I got somewhat ripped off because of it. Just saying. Thank God all my wings remained intact and the same. Until they add some decent outfits that leave our manes intact, there's not even a remote possibility of me putting any more money into this game. Which is a shame for I used to love pre 6.0 Aion. Now all those beautiful places and most of the story I loved are gone.
  10. Proxy users geting banned

    Thank you Aly-DN for the detailed explanation. I appreciate it.
  11. Proxy users geting banned

    So I should be OK then? Good. And thank you for clearing things up.
  12. Proxy users geting banned

    Dam, after reading these posts y'all have me afraid to login to the game today. I live in the USA and login to the NA servers, however I DO NOT use any type of proxy to do so. I go straight thru my IP. I have a lot invested in my account and do not wish to get banned for no reason. Hopefully, y'all will have this issue fixed soon. I really wanted to play today but, I dunno atm.
  13. Is Ncsoft killing Aion on purpose?

    I could never do such a thing. Because, if I did I would then be reminded just how much money I've spent on Aion (ie: years of subscriptions, prestige, wings, wings and more wings, gear, etc., etc., etc.). I'm older now and I fear learning that amount not to mention the wings and gear I've earned over the years thru gameplay, combined with the realism of what my favorite game has become vs. what it once was, would sincerely give me a coronary, lol. Well, somebody had to lighten the mood! :-), lol Sadly though, the part of quote: "what my favorite game has become vs. what it once was," is true.
  14. Q & A session with the Community

    Agreed, All the problems with Aion seem to have arose from that one fateful decision. Even after it did go f2p I still kept up my subscription and then bought Prestige passes after that monthly. Now they've even ruined how Prestige works. I do play one other game (mmo) where you have wings and fly but it lacks Aion's sense of realism. In it though you can fly everywhere which makes up for it a bit although the game's storyline needs much polishing. In short, while I do hope Aion does start listening to us, the decisions for the game and how it progresses are not made by NCS or NCWest. They are made in Korea. Those like Cyan do listen to us and reply to our comments. But alas, they are not the decision-makers for the game and it's direction. The problem with those that do make decisions is that they seem to have a sort of Tunnel Vision, meaning that they make decisions for Aion based only on the consumer climate for Aion and other games like it are in their country Korea, and ignore said consumer climate on the state of the game internationally or in other countries hence Transformations, for example: While it is acceptable gaming practice in Korea and most of Asia to spend time creating a relatively "humanoid" appearing character then transform into a cartoon animal for gameplay, this practice is NOT so acceptable in North America or Europe (sry, hadn't had a chance to research how Australia in general feels on this). Many of us here in the west played Korea's version of 6.0 Aion before it was released both here in the US and ion Europe, and much displeasure regarding transforming into a cartoon animal for gameplay after spending so much time creating the perfect character were expressed -and ignored by the decisionmakers in Korea. And this (transformations) is only one example. There are many other such examples too numerous to mention. Until that tunnel vision changes, nothing else will I'm afraid.
  15. Agreed. I too bought a physical copy of Aion way back when and have been playing the game since it's release, so I have the same concerns. Unfortunately, with regard to the laws both international and here where I live in the US they are still considered to exist within a very gray area. Aion itself today is soooooooo very different to what it was then, and has changed so much with regard to it's storyline I fear that any case brought to court after the game closes would ultimately fail unless by that time the laws change to specifically cover these consumer issues. While I hope they do, given the state Aion is in ATM vs. how slowly the wheels of justice turn, I doubt there will be any recourse for any of us to take, no matter what country you live in.