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  1. Returning player

    Er, ya, Cheesy and you have been missed my friend. Back to business: To get you started you can do the quests around Lakrum to earn genesis crystals. These will buy you slightly better gear than the free Lakrum protector/scout gear you get by doing the story quests when you get there. These NPC's you buy them from are inside the 2nd building from the left or the 1st entrance to the left of the teleportation station/statue. Once you have this gear you should be able to pretty much survive anything in Lakrum, unless you really suck, lol, he, he, he, - sorry, couldn't resist a bit of humor, lol. From this point forward there are several solo instances in Lakrum you can run that have good drops in them. However I advise against running them until you have at least half to 3/4 of the pieces from the genesis crystals especially the Her...(sorry, it's on the tip of my tongue)..Her.... Mine (you'll know it when ya see it) as without that gear you'll die fighting the boss before the boss near the end - guaranteed!! (Unless your a Vandal then you might have a slight chance, lol). You will also notice two NPC's outside with the yellow triangles on top of them. These two hand out some really good legendary gear for what is called Windstream event quests which, upon completion you can later turn this gear in for Ultimate gear. It's far from the best but it is pretty good gear to get you started with. One NPC is for PVE gear, and the other is for PVP gear. The quests aren't that hard but I cannot recommend these quests to you without posting a Warning: The instructions given for how to complete these quests are very hard to understand especially if you are an Asmodian like me. I therefore refer you to a previous thread of mine which helps out with this: Can Somebody Tell Me When Ancient Sanctum of Life in Lakrum is Held by Asmos?? It isn't that old as I recently got this gear for my poor nerfed Sorceress, my main, Aieryn, and let's just say, she's not such a pushover anymore, lol. I hope you have saved your current gear or, what I mean is, the gear you had upon returning to the game. For if you had outfits you liked the looks of you can still use them for skins. And you'll need them believe me. For much of the new gear in the game is a Fashion Disaster and you will want to change the looks of it most likely. As for better gear than I mention here. Yes there is both in Lakrum and more so in Demaha and beyond. There are group instances in both Lakrum and Demaha that have great drops but as usual in AION you will prolly have to run these multiple times to get what you want. What I presented to you above is what I feel the easiest way for a returning player to get started and jump back in and have some fun as quickly as possible while earning themselves some gear worth having a long their way toward the good stuff while not having to place themselves thru too much of a grind, but, If grinding is your thing there is the Pandora quests that will eventually earn you some decent gear. These NPC's are located outside in Lakrum a long the outer rim of the fortress no matter which faction you are with easy to follow instructions. In fact, you will run into them by following your story quests. There are other ways too to earn things like wings and gear by joining certain groups and grinding away if that's your thing as well. These NPC's you prolly already know about. I hope this reply has helped you at least a little, and I hope to see you in game,.....er, unless your an Ely, then I might have ta smoke ya!, lol (Aieryn laughs sinisterly) ....Just kidding, I'm unlike most ppl. I don't hunt levelers or ppl gearing up. I like a challenge. Good luck! and, seriously, hope to see ya in game!
  2. Crap, forgot to include this,....Oh well. Brazil is a country that I sadly never got to visit during my DOD days so I'm not sure how things work there especially internet and gaming wise so please excuse me if this sounds ridiculous: What I suggest is, that if it is possible, that you temporarily shut down your ping reducing programs and login without them as an experiment to see if you stay logged in. If you do then you will have identified the problem which you can pass on to support with your ticket which will help them in solving your issue. I sincerely hope this helps. And all this half looped on Midori, lol, Heeeeeeeeee!
  3. AION is practicing social distancing. lol. If you get within 6 feet of another character you will be bumped off the server, lol, he, he, he, Heeeereeeeeeee!!! Corona has gone digital folks!! Pfffft!, He, he, he, he - Sorry, my Midori is flowing so don't mind me....... (Midori is a type of booze made from melons {for the "spirits-ually" challenged, lol}). On a serious note. I had absolutely no problem logging in today and staying logged in for over 3 hours until I had to go out for utterly stupid reasons unimportant to this thread. So @Vantheria-DN you could be onto something concerning Brazil, and @Naduah-KT, you could be onto something about the ping reducing programs. Those of us that don't use them do not seem to be experiencing the problem.
  4. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I certainly hope this is true and some of these skins are coming back in the 7.6 patch as @Shaidessa-KT says eh? I haven't been on my Korea account in some time as I recently had to re-load Windows on my gamer and also my laptop I use for gaming needed a Windows 10 upgrade so I'm currently re-installing some games on my big machine and all of them on the laptop. Considering all the games I play this is a monumental task on the laptop alone. Thank the heavens that my Gamer uses SSD's and my games are on a separate SSD from the SSD Windows is on. My only mistake was I screwed up a bit and forgot to copy everything from my App/Data file/s on my C:\ for all my games so some aren't opening correctly or not at all like AION NA (my main) and AION Korea and I'm having to re-install them. My AION EU seems to be OK tho. And what a pain all of this re-installing is too. Half my Mass Effects need re-installed as well and I have all the DLC's. It's a pain where a pill won't help believe me. This is what I get for re-installing Windows while upset in a fit of anger.
  5. Graphic engine is getting old

    Thanks, wasn't sure. More than NCSoft would fork out.
  6. Two Questions

    I buy my transparent transformation scrolls on the broker by the hundreds. That way I never have to put up with the ridiculousness of transformations unless of course it's one I like and there are a few out there I do but they are rare. For the most part I prefer seeing my character how I designed her in the first place. That's why I spent over an hour in character creation for all 11 of my Asmo girls and my one lonely Ely girl (I always play my RL gender). To me it's easier and cheaper though to just get my transparency scrolls off of the broker because earning/farming/making kinah is easy and a replaceable resource.
  7. Oh @Neleth-KT, You never cease to amaze me or most of us with these ideas you come up with. That really is quite an imagination you have! I really wish a lot of what you propose would come to pass but think about it. Given NCWest's and NCSoft's last 5 year history do you really think it is even remotely possible? Don't get me wrong I still love AION, it is my favorite game and why I'm still here after all that has happened, but being here since release and seeing all that I have seen especially in the last 5 years has kind of soured me more than a lil, hell, a dam helluva lot against NCSoft doing anything that will improve our gaming experience here in the west, that is unless it gets the approval of the powers that be in Korea first and with the current state of the Corona Virus I seriously doubt that any kind of action/s like you are proposing will have Korea's blessing anytime soon if ever at all. I'm sorry Neleth I'm just stating facts as we know them here. While it is awesome to have hope and to dream for better days ahead. Sometimes you just have to face reality and take what you can get and move on. We still have our game to play. And after all the hacking and spanking it has taken at least I can be thankful for that. Have a lovely day everyone! You too Neleth and keep dreaming for better days. maybe I'm wrong and they will come!
  8. Graphic engine is getting old

    Isn't AION already Cryengine 3?, or is it still the old original Cryengine?
  9. Question for cyan or gideon

    Ah, the Age old question, er, well, since the 6.0 hack job anyways, lol. Ya, I've been wanting to buy that pagatti mount that looks kinda like a Dragon for all my new characters since then but they havent brought it back yet. Yes, I have the Flying Pagatti on most of them but I like the other one too but they don't want to bring it back for some reason and I've asked and asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, and,........ well, you get the idea, till I'm litterally blue in the face from asking but they don't seem to want to bring it back for some reason. I have it on my main Aieryn and a few of my other older characters that have been around for a while but none of my newer ones have it yet. Oh well, all I can do I guess is just wait, and hope, and hope, and hope............Ya, you get that idea too................
  10. Can't open two Aion clients

    So you can open both clients on the character select screen with no issues? That's even more strange. Cheesy? Oh, I use Discord as well. My handle there is TrekkieJediGirl. However I'm still here a lot but you can ping me there if you need something and can't find me here as I have discord on my phone and it's always up.
  11. Can't open two Aion clients

    Even with all my training I never took software because of my ADHD. That causes software to confuse me then I lose my attention span for it. However like you I feel this one is a good mystery so I will be researching it myself and will be paying close attention to your solution to this mystery just because it is a good puzzle, so to speak, lol. Plus, I know if anyone can solve it you can Cheesy.
  12. Can't open two Aion clients

    Cheesy knows software better than me. I'm A+ Certified but in Gaming Graphics, Computer code, Computer Languages, and Hardware, and Sattelite and ground based communications (basically the internet), lol, but no software!, he, he. So she would know more than I would about your problem.
  13. Can't open two Aion clients

    Are you trying to run both clients on the same computer at the same time? If so I'm not sure you can do that and even if you could you'd prolly get in trouble or banned if you do. As for the black screen issue I'm still looking into that. But if you are trying to run both clients at the same time your more than likely over taxing your graphics drivers. Do you have multiple screens? If not you would more than likely need multiple screens to run multiple clients set up to run independently from one another. I'll get back to you when I have more info. Meanwhile I suggest you review NCSOFT's rules regarding AION to make sure you won't get in any trouble for running multiple clients at the same time. I'd hate to see you get banned for doing something out of ignorance.
  14. Sad

    I play AION, Legions of War on my phone. Ya it wasn't the greatest but it did give me a lil AION fix while waiting in Doctors offices, etc. So it's coming to an end already? This sucks big hairy blue MONKEY BALLS!! I only play 4 or 5 games on my phone because I prefer my gamer at home with it's 50" screen. I have Star Trek Fleet Command that I really enjoy, Game of Thrones Conquest, AION Legions of War, Pokemon Go, and a Disney game and that's it on my phone. I'm just not real big on mobile games and really only play them when I'm tied up waiting on someone for whatever reason. I'm not a patient woman and they do help me pass the time without me getting up and pacing making others nervous, lol.
  15. Can't open two Aion clients

    Hmmmmmmmnn, Never had this problem before. I might have to look into this a bit before I can help you but some information on your system will help me help you: What version of Windows are you using? What is the wattage of your machine's PSU (Power Supply)? Is your CPU intel or AMD? What kind of Graphic's card are you using and what are it's specs? Meanwhile while you answer these questions I'll look into this Black Screen issue and see if anyone else has suffered the same sort of problem or something similar to it.
  16. Thanks @Vantheria-DN
  17. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    ROFL Thanks Cheesy, Aly, Just what I needed, Heeeeeeee!!!, lol. he, he, he, he. Got a good rib splitting laugh out of those. Thank you both. Now there's the Aly I know and love!, Lol, he, he, he, Heeeeeeee!!
  18. Having Technical Issue Pertaining to Software

    Oh, Cheesy my PSU is an EVGA GOLD rated Modular 850 Watt.
  19. Errrr, Ya, Had to wipe and am now re-loading AION but that isn't the reason for this post. Paging MooMoo!!! Did we ever solve those issues a while back with some ppl using GeForce Graphics cards in AION in machines running AMD CPU's? I've ran into a sort of pickle recently that has sort of forced me to go against my golden rule when building gaming PC's which is in a nutshell: When building a machine such as mine which has an AMD Black Edition 8 core CPU and in addition more so also has both a Northbridge and Southbridge chipset that are also AMD you never use an nVida based Graphics card. Weee-yall, my original Radeon cards fan took to the crapper and because of severe financial stresses I'd rather not mention right now (In short, Illinois was a huge mistake-more on that another time) I can't afford to replace it right now. So, a friend I met up here gave me this GeForce card out of an Alienware machine to use and as you can prolly guess, I'm having a multitude of issues. I've tried the standard things one would usually do in the nVida control panel all to no avail. What is happening is I get in game okay and then after around two or three minutes my screen starts flashing and there is nothing I can do until it recovers which can take anywhere from one to 3 minutes. I've tried limiting the frame rate in game and lowering the quality of resolution in game which doesn't help either. From my research on the nVida forums ppl with much newer cards than this GTX series I'm using who are using these Game ready drivers seem to be having many of the same issues I'm having across many games although nVida has produced some fixes for some of these drivers. There just doesn't seem to be one for the driver I am forced to use or if there is, I do not know where to find it. There, that is all I know so far. I'll have access to the internet for today and tomorrow morning but after that my replies may be sporadic because I may be on the street for a while living out of my vehicle while I wait on my stimulus check. Yes, a lot has happened since my last post. I thank you MooMoo, and anyone else who may be able to help me with this in advance for your replies.
  20. Having Technical Issue Pertaining to Software

    Just ordered a Gigabyte RX 470 Radeon GDDR5 G1 graphics card off of ebay so my problem will be solved by proxy. Since my motherboard is a Gigabyte as well these two ought to go well together, lol. As some of you know I've been building gaming PC's for half my life now. And as a rule I usually never couple nVida Graphics cards in machines that have AMD CPU's More so in machines like mine who's North and Southbridge chipsets are also AMD. "They just don't PLAY well together." Yup, every bit of pun intended on that one. But my point is too. nVida graphics are awesome in machines with intel CPU's. They have some of the best picture quality and in game shots I've ever seen. They just don't work well with AMD stuff unless the motherboard is one or two ASUS models or EVGA models and the chipsets are intel. I should have my new card no later than this coming Thursday. I thank everyone for your replies.
  21. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    Maybe. And I know shit get's old believe me as I've been here just as long myself as most of y'all here know. It's just, you used to throw a good joke or two around when ppl threw these stupid comments out there and make us laugh. You used to make me laugh. Or at the very least you'd post a funny gif. Like those 3 potatoes above your talking about. Why isn't there a gif of Donald Duck giving them the finger or something. You just used to be such fun Aly. That's all I'm saying. A lot of bad things have happened to me lately, I'm hurting inside and I guess I just needed a good laugh.
  22. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    Aly, you used to be fun. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!!? I've been reading through the forums and every comment of yours seems so derogatory anymore about everything.
  23. i want to install on a Mac

    You need to use a Windows emulator to install AION on a Mac. That is, unless your Mac is one of the newer ones that can run Windows? If not, the emulator is the only way.
  24. Having Technical Issue Pertaining to Software

    Hi Cheesy. I use Discord myself. Look for TrekkieJediGirl. That's me. Been using Discord for years. Anyways. The card isn't a new one and I'm beginning to think it just may be to old to make work at all. I just re-loaded Windows so my old AMD Graphics drivers aren't a factor. The card is an Alienware GeForce GTX 555. The picture it produces in game are beautiful and all settings are maxed automatically. But as I said I've tried reducing these to no avail. I know there is a fix out there but finding it is the hard part. And from what I understand from their forums these GeForce Game Ready drivers have caused a lot of problems over the years. The last 3 especially. And it's not just AION it does this on. It's all my games. AION is one of the worse tho. Oh, not living out of my vehicle yet Cheesy but after 11 am tomorrow if I don't have that stimulus check I dam well most likely will be. I haven't gotten it yet today so far.
  25. Forget PIN

    As Cheesy has told you it takes 12 to 48 hours for them to respond to a ticket. Despite how they treat us here on this forum they usually are pretty good about responding to tickets. That is, unless you respond to it before they do. If you do that, like you were also told it will force your ticket back on the bottom of the list and the waiting period starts all over again. Just be patient and you will get help.