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  1. When nearly every decision you make is met with anger, frustration or (at this point) laughter at the incredibly poor judgement you show, you would think your group would realize it's not all of us that are in the wrong, it is you. Why, with your declining player base do you not make changes (quickly) that will make this game healthy. If you were in basically any discord on any day you would know how to fix it. Everyone that plays know where the problem lies. With you.
  2. also, they basically told me to put it in the forums and if people agree with my restoration they'd give it to me. so please leave a comment If you think that this should be changed, I would advise you to please post your suggestion on our Official Forums as the Community Team gathers all information and forwards it to the Development Team for consideration.
  3. So these restoration tokens that people use constantly to avoid difficult game mechanics can't be used for actual mistakes. I accidentally bought a duplicate stigma and they refuse to undo it. Someone please explain to me why an accidental purchase(ap or not) that has zero use other than to throw away isn't exactly what restoration tokens are for.
  4. Also, it's not that I can't do anything. It's that I'm not getting the kinah i should for putting hours in grinding. Anyway that's my 2 cents.
  5. wait where do you come up with 36 mil??? lol it's been 12 days
  6. With a 1 mil daily sales limit to vendors the only people with kinah will end up being the kinah sellers and those that buy. I'm currently at level 36 and easily max out 1 mil grinding every day and have to rubbish a bunch of stuff. This has to be changed.
  7. @Cyan What about those of us that ran coe and mirash many times in the first 24 hours of the event. I ran a total of 21 combined. 2 more boxes isn't enough. When I made a ticket they told me there was no issue with it and I wouldn't be compensated. I'm not asking for anything special. I just want the 21 boxes I would have gotten if I had run those after the correction had been made. I think that's fair.
  8. I don't care about shards(which are easy to fame btw) or enchant rates(everyone has the same chances) or availability of stones(again everyone has access to the same content). All I want is a correctly functioning game. Fix the multiple DC's a day. Fix the bugs in the map. Fix the server lag and mass DC's. I don't think it's asking a lot for a game that works the way it's supposed to.
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