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  1. @Cyan Can you please shine some light on if we will ever get transparent scrolls cheaper ingame and not BCM. I just spent 100$ on BCM and spent 10$ changing my appearance. I do not wish to look like a damn fox with big ears. EU allows players to buy 100 transparent scrolls for 5 gold bars per week while what we have in NA is retarded. Why can you not change the Gold bar shop? Are you guys waiting for the game to die before you make changes? Why are you guys so damn slow when it comes to addressing the community. This issue should of have been dealt with when 6.0 was in development. Why are you
  2. You should come back. The open world pvp is great. The p2w isnt as bad after 6.2 . I am also a returning player from 6.2. We all share one map right now and 7.0 is around the corner with a bigger map that will be share and better pvp. The population could use some work but the game isnt dead. Gearing up isnt hard or easy but takes some work. u will need to spend some money at 1st to make the gearing up faster. But overall the game is worth comming back to. If you do hit me up ingame in KT on Madara and I can help you out. I am also looking for pvpers for my Friendslist. I only play AIon for pv
  3. I have already a quote for it, I beg you, every EU PLAYER go on that Treat And support it, they should do something.
  4. Hello daevas, In name of all EU Players I hereby try to make a statement for the company Ncsoft and for everyone who runs the game AION US has something that has been bothering several players that play on, it would be Siege. Being more precise the schedule that is available to do, at 18H
  5. Please Cyan , make us update, there is a lot of people who wanna transfer Chars
  6. Ncsoft, I hope that you do not go away later, GP is the most important thing, there are people with more than 3 years of farm and have spent a lot but a lot of NCoin to be in the rank where they are now and you decide to reset without further ado, We all know what can be bought with gold ingot and if nothing is added in the merchant will create a great revolt among players. Every 10k,50k,100k gp should be rewarded in a better way. Dude do you have any ideia how much ppl worked out to keep on the top of the list ? This is insane from ncsoft, are a lot of people will be DONE OF A
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