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  1. I think I did this rubbish event 4x only out of boredome lol and yah 100% agree to @Haitz.
  2. Just send us all name change tickets. I just hope the name I want will reset since I never saw it in game in my whole aion life haha.
  3. Agree with merge but when is 7.9 part 2? Or just skip and go straight to 8.0.
  4. Please add the kaisinel powder in the vending machine just like EU and Russia so that at least we have a time table for us to get our ultimate transform. Yah i know i always combine my duplicates thats why i didnt get it in the last promotions... Plus it would be more income for you, people will buy prestige. TY
  5. Im getting the error same as @Nuke-DN and its getting annoying especially in PVP... Pls look into it.TY
  6. Im not really into classic cos' I prefer to move forward IRL. Yeah maybe it will be successful in 1 year or so but after people get endgame gears what happens next?.. it will be BOREDOM I think.
  7. @Kibbelz no info on the prestige vending machine? Cos i remember a video in aion EU where you can get ulti xform in it. And yah i failed all my combinations on this flower event.
  8. Just re enable transfer thats it @Kibbelzproblem solved. In the first place there was no "abuse" in it, they used there token bruh. I myself used it once i need to use it 3 more times hehe.
  9. Hmn I think imma do this lol, thanks for making a thread on this topic @PpPpPpPp... Free 3 apostle xform hehe
  10. WTF!?! I badly need kinah now need compensation for this atleast 3bil hehe.. @Kibbelz bruh atleast let the community know an important thing like this!
  11. I almost had teary eyes reading this shit haha... Sayonara and GL @Cyan.
  12. imDC


    Is it working as intended @Cyan that i failed 8 ultimate stones on a legendary piece accessory from + 12 to +13? LOL. I mean its a legendary piece only not ultimate!.
  13. imDC


    @ButterCupCake-KT Ill just assume your not a pro pvp'er yet.. GL have fun in PVP cos thats what i enjoy in game. Cheers!
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