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  1. Please add the kaisinel powder in the vending machine just like EU and Russia so that at least we have a time table for us to get our ultimate transform. Yah i know i always combine my duplicates thats why i didnt get it in the last promotions... Plus it would be more income for you, people will buy prestige. TY
  2. Im getting the error same as @Nuke-DN and its getting annoying especially in PVP... Pls look into it.TY
  3. Im not really into classic cos' I prefer to move forward IRL. Yeah maybe it will be successful in 1 year or so but after people get endgame gears what happens next?.. it will be BOREDOM I think.
  4. @Kibbelz no info on the prestige vending machine? Cos i remember a video in aion EU where you can get ulti xform in it. And yah i failed all my combinations on this flower event.
  5. Just re enable transfer thats it @Kibbelzproblem solved. In the first place there was no "abuse" in it, they used there token bruh. I myself used it once i need to use it 3 more times hehe.
  6. Hmn I think imma do this lol, thanks for making a thread on this topic @PpPpPpPp... Free 3 apostle xform hehe
  7. WTF!?! I badly need kinah now need compensation for this atleast 3bil hehe.. @Kibbelz bruh atleast let the community know an important thing like this!
  8. I almost had teary eyes reading this shit haha... Sayonara and GL @Cyan.
  9. imDC


    Is it working as intended @Cyan that i failed 8 ultimate stones on a legendary piece accessory from + 12 to +13? LOL. I mean its a legendary piece only not ultimate!.
  10. imDC


    @ButterCupCake-KT Ill just assume your not a pro pvp'er yet.. GL have fun in PVP cos thats what i enjoy in game. Cheers!
  11. @Nas-KT check your friendlist and PM me for PVP, You know thats what i do in this game. Btw i always solo pvp'ng and yeah im enjoying it.
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