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  1. Event Rewards.

    yes @Cyan @hime Please consider events for legendary/ultimate stones PvP, and manastones/fragments for upcoming patch 7.0! Also the enchant rates are really bad for a 52%, it fails too often!
  2. Reset

    야이 개새끼들아!.. keep up the Great work ncsoft :')
  3. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    keep up the great work ncsoft! You guys are doing great. :')
  4. In Memory of Instagib

    wow just found out...... i hope your ok hopea. I remember running dungeons with you guys back in 4.0 and some pvp instances like dome. Although we were never close, he was really a nice person. ZZZ this is so sad finding out someone i know and saw just last 2weeks ago pass away.. I'm sure his resting well in heaven. Rest in peace brother
  5. The Elephant in the EK Room

    ... -_______ i thought you were saying to me because i was asmo in my original character that i played back in siel 4.0 and i keep forgetting im elyos.. I LOVE YOUUUUUU sowri
  6. The Elephant in the EK Room

    arent you that cleric aqua from we bad? you came to my stream and fox's. I remember you saying hi in stream. but after we beat your full group in 3v6 with me dog and eshilia at bos portal literally 3times because there was legit no asmos anywhere to be found, you stop saying hi. You guys also got 1v5ed in relay by Shikji during fox's stream. Stop blaming on gear. i'm pretty sure you guys were in same/better gear than us, considering you guys get double the amount of legendary stones from siege and us elyos have to reset dredgion for a chance to even get a legendary stone, first thing you say when you lose is complaining about gear when we were in genesis gold +5-10 gear. I personally have nothing against you but if your going to be an ass for no reason then ok.
  7. The Elephant in the EK Room

    good morning and hi, my name is Jinwoo aka Exceed. I don't know where you keep accusing people in general including me. I can guarantee you that you wont beat any of well known good pvper in our legion regardless of gear. of course unless its ultimate +10-15. But in general someone having a full set of purple armors with enchant 0-5 wont save you from dying to a red zerk gladiator with at least a +10 genesis legendary pa with phy att socketed gear. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/339855399 50:10 if you are accusing me of hax for this braindead easy rotation/combo then sir, you really have a issue in your brain. with anomos 19% PA/life keepers coin title 1%as/ailu candy 3% + red zerk you are already capped at 1.4 with cat ancient transform 18% as, which is same as popping wow from chanter for the 1st 30s of the red zerk. We can meet and i can show u literally the same rotation over and over in duel and i can guarantee you will die every single time, just because you are so clueless of what your doing. you shouldn't accuse me or any other decent/good pvpers in our legion. most of people from our legion has at least played aion for 3-5+years and have a lot of experience in either group pvp/solo. Although just by playing aion for many years doesn't mean that you are good, someone like foxacker (gladiator btw) has played more than 5years and he is still so bad! Also the dps for pve dungeons like PF, the spec matters a lot of the group. Having AT/SM in your group will boost your dps a lot specially when its mostly just tank and spank. But if you want to see my dps in pve in dungeons like PF or IDD I can show you in stream with ARM anytime. Take care brother ~
  8. Lets have a talk friends EK free gear

    is this getting solved ? @cyan ?
  9. New Server please Ncsoft with 6.2 patch Thanks