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  1. the things what i already did: deleted bin32/64 L10N data folders and repair client, reinstalled client, reinstalled latest graphic drivers, installed latest Windows updates, reinstalled all versions of Visual C++ and DirectX 9 (July 2010)
  2. Can someone help me with this issue because NC support dont give a Nerk how to resolve it : Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: aion.bin Application Version: 7721.603.113.16571 Application Timestamp: 5ffe7f5c Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.24384 Fault Module Timestamp: 5c6e245d Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 000000000002a407 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: df41 Additional Information 2: df41492571ac79568e920ba0b71781a0 Additional Infor
  3. never afk there + im doing it on alts for kinah + Glyph + Window (yes, i want that window 😁). Aslo im online atm on my alt and its 58min already passed and no pop
  4. today on alt 56min in queue.... and finally POP it was at 5 AM server time btw
  5. Thank so much @Kibbelz and @Loki. Happy Holidays to you too !! Wish you guys the best times that you can spend with your friends and/or with your family !!! Thank you for all that hard work which you did for the past year (alsmot passed 😉) ! Thank for being here[on forum] with us and "suffer, but not leaving". Always be on positive side !! Stay safe and dont sick !!!
  6. lol... ty my cat XD okok , now its good 😁 So PVE : Adma Stronghold Linkgate Foundry Void Cube Illuminary Obelisk (Fav. one ❤️ ❤️ ❤️) Aturam Sky Fortress Full chain of Tower of Ethernity :Archives of Eternity/Cradle of Eternity/Trials of Eternity PVP: Ophidan Warpath Idgel Dome Kamar Battlefield
  7. Does anyone give at least a single F**K about what he said ? Also @Kibbelz and @Loki do they job WAY MUCH better then Cyan Hime and Gedeon all 3 together!! So ty guys for being here and being communicative with us !!
  8. Agree with @Arhangelos-KT and with @Hinotori-DN at same time: im really tired to loosing because of 2 afk persons , and at same time tired to wait when i got pop (today almost 40min ). There is need more global decisions to resolve both problems at same time. They [NCSoft] should act faster like they usually do..... when *for an example* they nerked up with NPC's items price like it was before in 5.8 with Tia's Eye event : removed NPC in couple hours and emergency maintenance....
  9. it works like it should be. I was 6h online and got it. Contact with support team about that issue. Tell them to check your log files. If its really was like you described - they will give you Dev. skill box
  10. i have a screenshots, so no point to do that
  11. Forgot to say that ppl in lfg complaining that Minium Vault is bugged too
  12. @Loki @Kibbelz https://imgur.com/kbD0gLR https://imgur.com/CJVCQIw
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