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  1. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Man is your faction full of idiots?? Would explain the lack of knowledge of basic math.
  2. Yes, changing those things probably involve going in to the databases or code and just swapping out the values set for item#{insert item number for enchantments here}, but thats still changing the game. I'd be shocked if they had complete full reign on those values and didn't have to consult NCsoft at all for permission
  3. All of these things are concepts, while all changes I agree with (being a cleric who changes stigma build 3-4x a full day of playing) that would require NCwest to PvP with their Korean leaders which would take weeks. Until then, gg.
  4. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    I never said 500 anywhere in my comments through this thread, so maybe you failed reading also? I said that the last siege I was at, which was Divine, We had around 160 TOTAL ELYOS, regardless if they were in the league or not. I had eyes on Asmos numbers, you guys had a full league 192/192, + working on 3 alliances in a second separate league. That is how your numbers were organized + the people who DID NOT join your league. That's probably really hard for you to understand, but 1 full league + 3 alliances ~~ ("approx equals") 260 players. I'll even be generous and knock of 20 people because I know not EVERY SINGLE SPOT was filled. But guess where those numbers come back? The white names. So yes, my estimation of being 160 vs 260 is right and falls in line with my current assessment of the server. You can lie all you want my friend, but numbers don't. And this Sunday, neither will screenshots. Stop being afraid to admit that Elyos are still able to push and wipe even when, in that instance, we were literally outnumbered by 100. It's because EK-Asmos fight like ladies. But you don't understand logical operators, or umm, basic math for that matter, I feel like I'm arguing with a Trump supporter.
  5. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Because I guess you failed 4th grade Math...: "<" = "less than" ">" = "greater than" ">=" "greater than or equal to" "<=" "less than or equal to" "=" "assign 1 value to a variable" "!=" "does not equal" "==" "hard equals" To sum the current state of the server to you: Currently, Elyos numbers are < ("less than", in case you already forgot) Asmo numbers by about 100 + 20-30 on any given siege with league + whites all accounted for. The faction numbers between Asmos and Elyos are != ("not equal"), and if you think they are then you are == ("hard equals") really dumb.
  6. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    170 ancients and 30 legendary stones thrown at my Ancient mace, still only +10 :)))))
  7. How is one meant to play a healer now?

    Then you're bad. All the simplified/combined skills actually made healing for both PvE and PvP much easier. There are fewer skills to manage and it's much more straightforward. The only thing that really sucks about the cleric in 6.2 was the removal of life curtain and Penance (which effects were reworked into Blessed Shield). The cooldowns of most skills were lowered to 1 minute and can be cast instantly allowing you to be more mobile. Tips: obvious stigma-build: Benevolence, Ripple of Purification, Splendor of Rebirth, Noble Grace, Saving Grace, Sympathetic Heal (PvE)/Power Sprint for PvP healing to run away. In PvE, save Noble Grace for when you know you need massive sustained heals. Like if a boss who does multiple AoEs, or you know there's a lot of incoming damage. A splendor of Recovery (AoE hot) is amplified when you slap Noble Grace on it. Always try to be casting the group AoE heal, Healing Majesty. It's the charge skill. When cast at lvl 3 (complete charge), its effects last for 6 seconds. It reduces the cast time of all heal spells just a little bit. This skill replaced healing wind - which didn't have that effect. I prefer to take Rebirth (single target heal over time stigma) over the healing servant, because the servant isn't that strong, and you can place the heal over time on your tank, the person taking the brunt of the damage. Skills to pop for mana in PvE: Blessed Shield + Amplification + Potion for mana. If you're really struggling on mana, you will have to pop Sage's Wisdom so that you don't lose any mana for 10s that Blessed Shield is slowly replacing. By popping Sage's Wisdom, you have 50 seconds to deal with lack of mana compared to 1minute. In battle, 10 seconds can feel like an eternity. If you're in PvP, it is highly recommend you save Sage's Wisdom for 1 of two scenarios: 1. You need to get off a quick Call Lightning to finish an enemy off. 2. You're groups ass are dying and you need to get off a quick Ripple or Splendor AoE. Like PvE, slap on noble grace for even more heals for those "oh sh!t" moments. Also, the healing boost was slightly reconfigured in 6.2 like some other stats. Heal boost is significantly stronger and actually has a purpose. Pre 6.2 I never knew anyone to actually make a heal boost pve set. I believe most opted just for HP. I think its totally worth it now. When I'm done getting my PvP MATT/Crit Spell set done I will make my entire CoE set heal boost.
  8. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    You're literally just mad because you're bad and you depend on outnumbering Elyos 2:1 to zerg anything down in sight. I only see you run in groups of 5 or 6 people in open world, never alone. I enjoy killing you, free AP is best AP. Like I said, screenshots of all numbers related to both sides will be posted next Sunday. Take notes, because I think you might have failed math in school.
  9. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Do you like to mention any chance you can that you've been playing since beta? Congratz -- you've played the game more than others, but yet you still don't think about the history of the servers. Kahrun was unbalanced when it launched and thus NC locked character creation. Kahrun did enjoy a pretty long time of feeling balanced. Of course, this would fluctuate throughout the day given most KR-E players weren't based in North America, therefore, KR-E was stronger in afternoon sieges while Asmos had more numbers in the evening sieges. This was back when we had Iggy/Gelk, 4.x grounds, and UA. Kahrun went through periods for months of being dominated by Asmo, then dominated by Elyos. It wasn't like Siel or Israphel that stomped their faction so hard due to the sheer unbalance in numbers that it literally killed the servers. So yes, NC does have the authority to take steps to help promote server health and longevity. There were periods on Kahrun, of all servers, that people were actually transferring TO IT because it was the only server with active sieges and signs of life because of leadership on both factions agreed to keep sieges going out of mutual interest in keeping the server alive.
  10. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Lmao, "even" he says. Okay. We'll see next Sunday when screenshots are posted of league windows and all attending players per class are posted.
  11. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    You do realize that the algorithm and formula used to calculate contribution and decide how much GP people get changed with 6.2, right? They changed it so that being in league or not makes no difference, and they also made it class/role friendly because support chanters and clerics always struggled to get GP. It makes 0 difference if you're a white name or in the league. League is purely for organizational purposes. And as for Elyos white names, we maybe had maybe no more than 10? When you keep this in mind, it does become a numbers game. We had at most 150, maybe 160 at Divine? You guys had a full league, and had 3 alliances formed into a second league, PLUS random white names (because taking white names into account is so important to your argument). It's okay though I guess, go ahead and depend on your numbers. You'll need the extra meatshields for when Elyos get transforms to play around with. We've already proven we can wipe all asmos when outnumbered 2:1. We are just plain better at RvR.
  12. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Okay, can you actually get the facts before you spout wrong ones plox? Last night Elyos at :00 had 150 in league, while asmos had 192/192 and were well into working on 3 alliances in a second league. And you want to sit there and say its "pretty balanced"? Lmao. Its balanced in skill, because we're outnumbered we still manage to push and wipe Asmos becasue we are just better at RvR. If numbers were truly even the server would be Elyos. Plain and simple.
  13. Truth about 6.0

    lol okay. You do you boo boo. I gots more to add seeing as I've actually ya know, played the patch?
  14. Truth about 6.0

    Another nyerking crybaby whining about the patch they haven't even played yet. *eyeroll*
  15. Truth about 6.0

    K bye Felicia