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  1. 1 hour ago, Magistone-KT said:

    some guy made a video in this where the formulas are present. I don't remember neither the video nor the guy but I remember this:

    Till your physical/magical attack is lower than the monsters defense you do the base skill dmg. When you exceed that defense you do higher dmg. let me clarify on 2 examples: (each magical/physical are calculated separately also depending on the type of skill)

    monster defense is higher than your attack: you do base skill dmg

    monster defense is lower than your attack: you do higher than base skill dmg

    Also note I'm not talking about the 1st number which is for basic attack, talking about the stat under it (physical attack/magical attack)


    Here is this video. I haven't tried these yet but i'll post asap bout that later on

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