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  1. Hello! Comming back to AION

    Hi ppl. I played AION in the patchs b4 6.0 and getting back to the game now. I don't want to ask too many thing but just want to know about a overview of the game. As a PVP-side player, I'd like to know if it's a good time to start playing i.e. I'll be abble to fight verteran player one day and if so, how long it takes to get a decent gear to PVP on the maps ? Am I abble to get geared without p2w (spending more time, ofc) or it's just impossible ? I love this game so I'd apreciate if some1 answer me =) And welcome to give some tips like wich set to start and general things like this. Ty!
  2. Hellou People. I played AION some months ago for a short time and now I decied to come back and start to play serious with a templar. So, reading some foruns to get some information I started to become lost and I hope someone can help me. Here come my questions: 1) As 6.x is comming and the conversion table is here showing that you have to get +20s gear to recieve a good reward, Should I really play the game now? I have time enough to get this itens? 2) I have seen that templar is one of the most expensive classes to get competitive in PVP but I really love the weapon switch and the play style, so Its almost the same question, Is it worth to try gearing my character now and Will I have space to farm itens for templar that will still be useful in 6.x? 3) The PVP in game (arena/ Open world/ at least duels) is alive? 4) I watched a vídeo from Sywo telling to people DONT play aion at 5.8 until 6.x come. So do you guys agree considering that I'm a total new player? 5) Is AION still fun? Whats exactly are people doing in the game nowadays to be happy (even PVP and PVE)? =) Thx you all.