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  1. The fact you've gone this long and only now getting sheba'd blows my mind. Legit everyone has one (besides me, All i get is modor and kerubs hurr durr) so it's hardly even a surprise when you get hit by one anymore. But you know, Ncsoft gave up on balance years ago. It's all about that $$$ now bby.
  2. Don't you love how they get rid of the GP, Make it level 51+ but DON'T fix the multiple bugs inside the instance? Let's make a list and do ncsofts work for them, since clearly they can't do it themselves. I'll start! 1. Using the obelisk item given to you at the start of deava dash, you can go to the opposing factions side and steal one of their four relics. 2. Getting CC'd mid wind stream will drag you back to the start of the windstream, you'll be unable to move or actually do the instance and in some cases you won't even be able to loot at the end. 3. People can n
  3. Aye, at least it helps people who don't need loot from suna get kinah
  4. If they don't give us another exp event for this, Well I'll probably do nothing out of the normal but I will be quite sad also hi @AriaTheMelodious-DN this is my forum cherry.
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