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  1. How many mistakes have they made since 2008 for Aion haha. We stay because the game's incredible but holy moly the people in charge are clueless.
  2. Okay, at the bottom of the Apple page advertising an iPhone 11 for an iPhone cost there's a small disclaimer stating that this page will be updated tomorrow with the iPhone 6 link and anyone buying the iPhone 11 for the iPhone 11 cost will receive the 6 instead. You're an idiot. If you weren't too busy on your knees nurturing the bruises whilst you gag on your corporate overlords you'd be empathetic to the fact it isn't unreasonable to request a refund after being advertised A and receiving B and B is a hollow value to you as you justified your purchase from A's advertisement. Do you
  3. ... <_< I'm not sure if you're just trying to annoy people for fun or if you're actually missing some brain cells. If a company advertises something it's not on the customer to do extra research to see if A) it will be changed B) if it will be removed. You see the daeva pass, you see the items, you make a free will decision to subscribe and buy that daeva pass based on the rewards you see. You wake up the next day and the rewards have been changed. This isn't ethical or actually even legal business practice. I'll give you an example your brain coul
  4. You should have extended double xp week. You have failed to produce a working model for classic west. KR classic was handled properly and look how fruitful it is by comparison, the greed of ncsoft west has destroyed the health and potential longevity of the na/eu/"west" classic. You have tens of thousands of people quit, tens of thousands of people listing the same opinions, daeva pass for $30 per character being disgusted, p2w candy being an awful mistake, still no real anti-cheat system.. literally people still animation hacking. Sure, mmorpg.. it's just the nature of things. At least K
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