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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki is it late for a refund? You guys keep messing this up.
  2. I agree after so much effort should at least give something your class can use.
  3. Are Templars decent now in 6.5? . . . . Obs.: Are Templars decent now in 6.5?
  4. Hi ppl. I'm playing gunner now and I see myself trying to get better stats in Retuning option on my PVE set. So, in 5.8 I heard that gunner should look for high Mcrit (for pvp at least). Now, Idk if it keep the same thing. So can any1 help me saying if I should look for increase my Mattack or my Mcrit on my accesories and how much of each I should aim? Thx
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