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  1. Thank you so much! You are a great help daeva!
  2. I heard the rank 1 title will help you break the speed cap. Also, how often the rank reset and how do you keep your rank? Is the rank 1 for both kt and dn servers? Where do i find the list of rankings? Thank you
  3. What do you get from AOD?
  4. I wouldn’t even use sprint if i was slowed down by a cc. My boots also dont have any movement speed tune.
  5. Hello, If you are doing pve, I do what mrplatino said minus the activation skills such as crippling cut and ofcourse ankle snare. I will replace them with magic defense, dauntless spirit and howl. But you can focus on getting all your pvp gear +12 before Investing in dauntless spirit and howl.
  6. Hello guys, i stared using myaiondps to improve my dps. I learned that dual wield will gives me more dps. The problem was I picked dual daggers and the aiondps is showing my motion was at 42. However when im using pole, greatssword or Sword (main hand), my motion is 40. Now im working on doing dual swords since it has more attack than a dagger and apparently it is also faster... Ill appreciate any advise from a fellow gladiator. dred
  7. Thank you for bringing Tiamaranta's Eye! So much memories!
  8. CRIT


    this SL must be hard core for anyone to use hack. But its all fine and dandy when you guys are acting as if you are game masters/admins--judging players. When all you do is use third party program. I don't even know how to use myaion dps, or ping reducer. With my shitty ping, im already lucky enough not to get disconnected while trying to enjoy aion.
  9. CRIT


    Thank you for all the feedback. I never used hack and I dont know how. I just thought I should ask. Thank you all. P.S. Its not like I have the best dps out there. I ranked pretty low in DPS among gladiators in DN Asmo. Peace out.
  10. CRIT


    Someone said I was hacking during siege because I apparently I looked like I was "on crack." I am playing as a gladiator. And since I was lagging so bad to the point where I would have 30 seconds to couple minutes delay, I decided to use dual daggers and auto attacks. I could not see myself attacking and many times, I would suddenly see myself dead or my auto attack damage stacking. I wonder if internet could make it look like I had no animation or if other players with hacks could affect other players who don't use hacks? Thanks.
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