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  1. @Vessttemona-KT all i say is true...

    3 hours has passed and still all npc's are bugged, we cant interact, so what now? waiting for a survey for gift a lucky vinna? lol i play that game since closed beta, and never see that before, every patch = 5645455 issues, you need only the money from your players, thats sad
  3. gj ncsoft

    2 things is fcking stupid on this patch 1st one is the accesorie purify on +7 WE NEED AT +5 !!!! COME TO REALITY most of ppl have +4 +5, only 1% have +7 the wallet warriors 2nd is the extra stigma, for real we need all stigmas at least +9 ???? lol WAKE UP!!!!WE NEED ALSO AT +5 i think you guys as bow said you don't know how the game played and you loosing ppl like this
  4. give us free harvester gear + wep boxes, muahahahha
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 11, 2017

    11 hour? cu on eu guys lol.....
  6. New Server Name Suggestions

    Arathor - SL / BR Lothar - IS / KR / TM