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  1. @Cyan nothing surprise me anymore with this poor management, u killed also this event and will continue killing the game with your unexperience way, the 1st mistake was on 7.0 when u rolled back the server and most of us lost legendary transf and some luckier kaisinel an other items/ enchants and more, when we asked to compensate us, your retarded support staff was closing all the tickets without any explanation, you can ask Senior GM Hœnir and his team about this!!! now u locked the cauldron coins as a ''issue'', was on known issues? NO!! is retarded af cause you have no respect to your players, especially to veteran players who was keeping this game alive.                                 FORTUNATELY i stopped pay my prestige when u took us our ranks and didn't compensate us for all this years focus and supporting.         

    Sorry this is not the Aion i knew, you just need sheeps to take their money as more as you can.


  2. i saw it too and tried to register for this (awesome) free rewards when 7.0 comes, was so excited and after few mins the page wasnt loading and after i reloaded the page was gone!!

     let me grab some popcorn and wait this ppl what they have to say :P 

  3. 8 hours ago, Ereliya-KT said:

    @Maladro-KTReally just because EU got it you want it here well I don't know if you know but there are tons of things we have gotten here that EU has not and will not get if you like EU so bad go play there nothing is stopping you. Each Aion publisher is different if you prefer one over the others go play their game

    i play on NA since beta son, probably u are new player and dont know me and i dont care actually, the fact they reseting our GP i dont really care cause still u can be ranked with the current mechanics but they should compensate us better, like the limited edition goldsand shop like EU got,  me and most of veteran players we are stuck with 3k +  useless gold ingots that we cant buy something good and @Cyan stay silent on this