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  1. I personally run with Dazzling Fire, Pressurized Chamber, Shock and Awe, Power Grab, Missile Guide, and Frozen Blitz - that way I have a hybrid all-around PVP and PVE setup without having to worry about changing my stigmas. I don't have them all +9 yet, but if I did, I would probably throw Hemorrhage Shot and Shell Shock in just for the extra DPS and being able to bury silence with it. As far as transformations use, I prefer ones with attack speed since most of your attacks rely on it, and I have not noticed any discernible difference using a cast speed transform. I have both an Ancient Gra
  2. Your best option, and I've suggested this before is in the meantime make yourself a full crafted Legendary set if you have the crafting level high enough to do so. Keep your Genesis gear as it is, when upgraded, the best set in the game. To upgrade a crafted PVP Ancient gear to Legendary, it is not necessary to +15. Getting the materials and procs are a drop in the hat, sure, but not with the same rates you're talking about enchanting your current gear. TL;DR, make a legendary or even ultimate PVP crafted set, in the meantime work on enchanting your Genesis Ancient gear so that when it's final
  3. The only thing the NPC sells though is the hair and skin dyes. Does the one that sells clothing dyes still exist, or has that been effectively blocked off now?
  4. People dunk on crafted gear right now because they don't quite understand it yet, but being able to get a potential ultimate set before everyone else does without having to worry about enchantments is still a huge advantage. Sure, it will not be quite as good as the Genesis purified-to-Ultimate gear, and that's the point. View crafted gear as a stepping stone, use it to the point where you can start farming things easily and get your Genesis gear upgraded and purified. That's my gameplan, at any rate.
  5. I'm still working on getting my crafting up to 200 so I can start making legendary gear, but I wonder, is all I need, to upgrade a Masterwork piece of gear from Ancient to Legendary, just the materials required? I don't need to plus the Ancient crafted gear to 15 to make it Legendary, right? If so, knowing that the crafted set is the 2nd best set in the game, only outclassed by the Genesis gear, that might be most people's way in. They craft their Ultimate gear, and in the meanwhile, work on their Genesis set.
  6. I went to go check it out too, after visiting my old stomping grounds from my Elyos days and found that it does indeed have the Asmodian flags posted, but there is nothing to be found up there. You can glide to it by gliding out of New Heiron Gate and hugging the cliff walls. Be careful not to fall off the edge of the map though. https://imgur.com/Ov4PK6x https://imgur.com/hsnH0xd
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