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  1. I wish you a very good luck !!! Thank you very much for everything you did for us !!! You will be missed !!!
  2. But the transformation from human to Daeva continues, that is why when we are going to do the ascension ceremony, the truth is that it cuts so abruptly without the video ... it makes no sense ...something is missing to close this idea. Cheesecake may it's be true that adaptation is needed, but it is not necessary to remove this part.When you reach at this part of the story with this ceremony you feel like you are part of it in a very special way.
  3. Are you sure about it? I don´t think so, I know many things changed but this can still remains...Thanks for your oppinion!!!
  4. Now, when we ascend to our character as Asmodian Daeva or as Elyo Daeva, there is no more video of the ascension ceremony, I think it is a cute part of the game and a special part of our character's story. Please do not delete it from the game. You can offer an option to stop watching this video for people who do not want to see it or simply, this people can press the esc key, as before, as people who did not want to see it did to skip it. Excuse me if my English is not very good I hope you understand me. Thank you!!!
  5. I love Daeva Dash event !!! Thank you for this event too!!! Have a nice day!!!
  6. Thank you very much for this help !!! We are happy with this notice!!! (we are 5 playing Aion here)
  7. This is fantastic!!! Thank you for bringing back Tiamaranta´s eye!!! We are a family playing Aion and we are enjoying too much this event, love Aion <3 !!! Don´t matter if the economy changes, we are happy playing in this event!!! Happy weekend for all!!!
  8. Please, I want to see Katalam, Danaria, Sarpan and Tiamaranta and it`s dungeons again!!! Please, please, please!!! I love this game and I want to see again those maps and enjoy them !!! I hope this wish come true!!! Have a nice day !!!
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