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  1. as a OG player was hyped for 6.0 soon enogh  got to try it on KR servers and got to talk to some Korean top PVP players about it

     6.0 removed all run speed cast speed and all other scrools and made them on available on the cash shop,  the equipment boots no longer have 30 % run speed and gloves no longer have an attack or cast speed, this results in character moving extremely slow and being super annoying and making it close to unplayable. now there is new fix for this is transformation systeam similar to candy that we always used in aion like penguin candy etc that gives few stats, this system been extended to become the most important part of the game after 6.0 these transformations are mandatory now and you guessed it right they are only available on cash shop. just to give you idea of how needed this is  red transformation gives you 100 % running speed 65 % attack speed 45 % cast speed and about 10 other stats like magic accuracy attack hp etc...  by removing scrools and speed from boots and gloves players are now forced to buy either scrools form cash shop to move close to what we moved like before  or buy transformation contracts from cash shop to be able to stay competitive because your not going to win vs someone that has 100 % run speed 65 % attack speed and 45 % cast speed more then you 24/7 while you don't even have attack speed gloves or run speed boots or even scrools your going to run around whith nothing but title speed and 10 % run speed boots after you crafted them... 

    so you either use cash shop or you use cash shop because there is no way to get transformation contracts ingame same for run speed scrools etc they not attainable in the game anymore.

    as sad as it is aion is not pay2win anymore its pay2evenbeabletomove.

    as someone that started game in 1.5 patch very sad to see they keep tryng to find new ways to rip off players and finding ways to force players to spend money in cash for simple stuff good news is they working on Aion 2 so guess this is the last stretch they trying now to rip off as many players as they can before they shut aion down and start working on releasing aion 2 hopefully they wont make aion 2 pay2win like they made aion pay2win since 2.0 patch forward how you went from 32 servers to 1 server is amazing how can someone manage a game so badly and not realize that pay2win ruins any game in the long run maybe some idiots spend money in cash shop and you make a quick buck but that never lasts and looks like you never learn and im not really concerned about your success as a company im just sad a game with so much potential was ruined by bunch of greedy fools and games keep failing MXM game was developed under the same principals cash shop pay2win mentality that worked out great didn't it? oh yea game shut down.... anyway, im out see you all on Aion 2if the company don't shut down and runs only on mobile pay2win games since that's easy to make  and its way more profitable

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