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  1. Its so much fun to visit NA forums once in a while Ok here we go, we all know that NA dont check/test they patches, updates, events etc before launch them. That means those ITEMS worked as intended but NA wasnt able to screw player event experience since day 1 (there is no way that it was bug as some noob posted before).
  2. 1 week later 0 fixes? That moment when you tough that 5.0 ........... was worst update ever but NA manage to surprise you with 6.0 and 7.0 ......................................
  3. After few months away did log in today and saw only 1 ranger BOT, seriously. Since there is no way that NC would even try to get rid on them then should assume that even BOTs got bored here.
  4. Hey really just start to <3 that universal copy/paste answer (we're in talks with the developers to have them adjusted) on any of 21342345345 problems NA team can do nothing (not like there is any dedicated AION staff member left and all know that), so every change even tiny one like shard prices will take 2 months +
  5. So true, you managed to describe all AION 6.2 in 2 words ...........
  6. Dont worry current 1-2k AION players isn't they main target for mobile game rofl
  7. Same here, 95% of legion left to other games and log in max 1x per week. 6.2 was like 1 month exploring patch, 1 month waiting on some action from NA team. For now can legit say that GF isn't worst AION publisher anymore. Was it easy to leave AION? No (for 1st 2-3 days), but sometimes better let things to go than suffer .................... P.S. Not poor newbie here who leave because cant make kinah, but same as many other veteran players who left with billions (10-20+) on different accounts/toons and hundreds of skins, stigmas ................ and other items what can sell or use
  8. Its enough if 6ppl in Legendary +15/Ulti sets group (who is mobile and move around map fast) up to ruin 200+ Ancient geared player game because need Ally+ to beat them (if lucky). Most important part is that Ancient geared ppl realize that wont get same (or even close) sets in next 6+ months or ever. That is real reason why players give up and leave + every other already stated reason in other treads.
  9. Even if there will be more events its kinda late, tough its same as always for NA (remember 2 years late server merge and many other critic changes/fixes). If compare to 6.2 start then 2/3 players already left. As about "AION mobile" no idea why all of ppl try to link it to AION at all when its game made for every phone user around the world and who never heard about AION before. Looks like it will be pretty similar to every MOBILE game.
  10. Yep not worth at all, sad but true. 1st check other regions and will see that they is better but not that much so nothing will change even in 7.0. + add NA attitude to players for like last 7 years with 0 information etc and you may get some picture on all what is related to Aion and NA. Geez we even cant get patch notes in time while other regions get them 1-2 months before patch.
  11. They just prepare new players for Lakrum where they will get rolled over nonstop for decades, with compensation gear players
  12. 2k+ snowballs gave only 20 +10 (wont even open them , rubbish rewards). so rate is ~100 for 1 +10 and its 2x worse than before when we had average 1 +10 for ~50 snowballs. Event nerfed, rewards rubbish but it was worth to do it .................................... because got last proof that its not worth to play AION 6.2 on NA in current state. 1) PvE - close to 0 content end game (2 instances for starters, 2 for ppl in 78lvl sets, 2 for ppl in Mythic+ sets and 5 of them is 5.x instances) and one we have is highly limited with entry counts. 2) PvP - no way to get certain items in r
  13. Its not only about shop, check RU broker and will see Daeva skill boxes, Transform contracts and many other items. Oh wait they also have Daeva skill boxes in gold sand for 50 ingots, and not forget to check CoE/Mirash/FM/BoS reset scrolls in Gold sand for gold ingots, and Mythic armor/wep for returning players for gold ingots.
  14. there is MAX 5% new players, every other is either old aion player whoi returned to try it or p2w from other servers.
  15. Completely wrong. On old servers you can farm mats and sell on broker for higher price = can easier buy items like potions, scrolls and so on because they cost same on ALL servers. Maybe you noticed that 90% EK players is P2W who moved there to be on top ranks and they already is geared way better than F2P players on other servers? Your minimums to play on EK is prestige to be able get kinah bundles, if not then qq for you
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