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  1. Do NA have any idea about AION at all? 1st Shard prices, now you must kill 80 asmo (400 Shugo gems) for 7 Genesis crystals? Do you realize that every week from quests we get 700+ Genesis crystals?
  2. And we pass information back, since they is NA Aion team face/messengers. We would put other names in our messages if we would know them. Anyway what can expect from NC if they cant even fix EYE BUG for 5 WEEKS + As we already noticed in 6.2 BUNDLE = 1 item 90% of time.
  3. Suggestion for NCSOFT

    NC style, approved
  4. Gear Disparity current patch

    In BM gear we was able to stand and hurt players in AP gears, now in Ancient genesis set we have no chance. 3-4 ppl roll over full alliance, yeah for sure its "normal". screw that No new players will come to get rolled over for 6-12 months till they make +10 legendary set.
  5. Account Warehouse

    6.x isn't alt friendly, yet end game content is like nonexistent and done in like 2-3 days, and no point to play alts ............ Time for other games
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    NCSOFT know about different color eyes and it was fixed on EU in like 1 week. Is it so hard to get SAME FIX? 2 weeks to FIX item description in Gold sand shop? 2 weeks + to FIX shard price (feedback about price was given right after posted prices)? With current enchant rates we wont make end game gear till 7.0 where it will be useless because you can upgrade Ultimate T1 +15 to T2, no way to get it without P2W, so till that ones who dont spend much can leave AION (same as did while wait for "promising" 6.2) and dont bother with current crap rate where takes 150 stones to make item from +8 to +10, and its not a single case (a lot players used 100+ stones to make it). And seriously there is close to 0 content endgame to keep players busy till 7.0, we are bored after complete all instances and weekly in 2-3 days. Yes we could PvP but hey there is 0 chance in PvP against ones with exchanged gear and as we see from enchanting rates we wont be able to get gear to compete anytime soon (and that means like 1 year+).
  7. 147 Ancient stones to upgrade ancient Helmet from +8 to +10, so close to just quit because what we can get per week ~150 PvP stones, so 16 weeks just to make +10 ancient set? As for now looks like Legendary set is only for ones who exchanged gear or had lot of stones for exchange.
  8. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Any answer about that from NC? Bump
  9. Luna craft Description says - Premium Secret Remedy of Recovery bundle but inside is <Superior Recovery Serum>, premium should be ~8k HP potions.
  10. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Ok we all heard that you made untradable Kinah and so on to counter BOTS and RMT, yet what you do to ban those Ranger BOTS who dont let new players complete quests? At any time there is 15-20 BOTS on in Elyos starter location in Lakrum. Is that hard to log in few min per day and check those areas and ban them?
  11. 1) Luna weekly still dont give reward box at end for 80lvl? 2) If jump in Wind stream near Manushika Troop Garrison then many times happen that character get bugged for start and move backward under Lakrum map and after ~15 seconds appear back at point where jumped in Wind stream. Meanwhile flight time still get consumed.
  12. +20 Provenance Weapon compensation

    Provenance was good like 1.5 years ago or so.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    Will leave those here: So where is info about events ("more detail later on next week")?
  14. Instead you will have like 50k HP and 4k HP potions (or 8k HP ones if use $). Will be fun to heal up after every fight, right?
  15. They may understand that 6.0 means also LAST merge ever here ................. Not sure if they will dare update to 6.0 at all instead of grabbing last $ they can from last players left here.