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  1. @Bjorn hate on people who spend money on the game all you want but your broke ass wouldn't be able to play if people didnt spend money on the game. Now as far as compensation goes ncsoft is admitting that the rates were to low to begin with hence the change. So why should we suffer those low rates so you the "free player who contributes nothing to the continuing content" yet want to act like the game is here because of you, get better rates?
  2. @Kibbelz I think it's a great idea to raise the stigma enchantment rate to 30% as it helps people bridge a gap and be competitive. With that being said I feel like all of us who got advanced stigmas with the lower rate should be compensated with stigma enchant stones somewhat like a refund. Somewhere in the range of like 50 enchant stones for every 1 advanced stigma stone we have. This is only fair to those of us who struggled through the lower rates.
  3. @Kibbelz Who exactly would not find this desirable as a player? That sounds like deflective B.S.
  4. QQ for days @Untoria-KT I hope your ban and everyone else who used this is permabanned you don't deserve sympathy.
  5. @Cyan You need to get rid of the 5 limit ancient boxes you exchange for genesis crystals in Lakrum. You're basically making it impossible for any new players to gear up.
  6. OMG @Kayame-DN this post literally made me laugh out loud THANK YOU!!!
  7. @Mytek-DN I feel the same way man. Ncsoft is the real issue. Respect to you and your friends.
  8. @Euphoria-DN I did not know that thanks tho And @MetalPhantomEvil-DN honestly pal this is a post about respect for the game regardless of personal feeling so if you cant get on board with that you shouldn't be playing at all and truly don't understand what this game is about.
  9. d My Point isn't about civility. It's about recognizing how this game is done. I'm basically giving a shout out to the death of the game. and at the same time appreciating some people who might think I don't. And just giving respect to a diverse community. This game has literally saved me multiple times.
  10. OK so here goes. I know lot of you on the Dn side that are asmos probably don't like me. That's ok. I truly do appreciate all the players here. Including all the people I talk rubbish to. We are a unique group of people. This game is dying in a way we haven't seen before. I'm not sure what the answer is to save it, as many people smarter than me have posted very articulate posts pointing out all the short comings. It seems all of this stuff falls on deaf hears and the absolutely abhorrent company that host our escapism from life isn't willing to address those very specific requests. So in lieu
  11. Thanks sneak same to you bro yeah 30 more minutes lol probably turn into an hour or more
  12. Yo Sneak. The time posted is a bit confusing i know but the scheduled maintenances official time to end was 11 minutes ago so hopefully its up soon or we get an update.
  13. they post maintenance delays on twitter before anything else.
  14. @Aly-DN Do you work for ncsoft? If the answer is no then stop acting like you know exactly how the hierarchy works at ncsoft. Or site exactly where you got your information. My guess is your deducing your knowledge based off of what you've seen and read online. If that's true at best your still just guessing. Stop writing as if it's fact and not conjecture.
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