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  1. Hi @Kibbelz @Loki! Can we have in BCM The Dragon's Set Motions, Skating Motion... Why don't we have a nice BCM with all this stuff like skins, motions, mounts. Don't u know that it is a lot of money because half of our community is crazy about new skins... Please and thank you!
  2. @Kibbelz Hello! Could we kindly have Apostol's legendary transformation contracts in next events? that is time to FINALLY complete our last collections! Thank you!
  3. We already all got Leg transformations for our main classes. Now its time for collections! Can we have more ancient/legendary selectable contracts in events so we can finish some of collection? Thanks!
  4. @CyanWhere can i get Booteranerk Manastone Box?
  5. @Cyan Can we have more exclusive skins for may sale? can we have [Card] Skating? I know you usually add this only for winter but a lot of people asking this now!! Since weather has been not nice i think thats fine to do it lol. Also can you think about to do regular skin shop? not for 2 weeks. Just add a lot of skins and let it be!!! and only add new stuff every time!!! We are getting new stuff but nothing to modify on it!!! We wanna be beautiful!
  6. Hello clerics! What stones would you recommend for pvp support cleric? Thank you!
  7. Hello clerics! What stones would you recommend for pvp support cleric?
  8. @Cyan Hello! Is it possible to do event for stigma enchant which will be actually for everybody? I remember last one was fall 2019 and it was only for people who had +9 already, but what about players who only trying to get there? We want a bit more support for ungeared people please! Thank you!
  9. @Cyan Can we have in next events Daevanion Skill Box but actually which we will be able to choose skill in there. Since last year can not get one skill >.<
  10. @Cyan When is PF Normal available?
  11. Someone else has problems with drop in PF? also IDD too Last week i did 15 PF runs and saw ultimate only once (!??!?!) and no ultimate IDD Hello NCSoft?? What did you do with drop and what reason??
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