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  1. I wonder if you ever going to mind your own business and get over it? For many years no one cares about hackers anymore but only you who got nothing else to do in your life.
  2. yes it has very low chance. but weapon drops pretty good in easy instances. so u can farm with alts
  3. no we were talking about new 7.8 weapons well this is same weapon. with upgrade from legendary to ultimate u will get either legendary again or 3 versions of ult. 1 of them is extendable btw chance even to get ult from legendary very low so thats why im saying for ppl who still dont have any to get in this event.
  4. there 3 version of new weapon: 1. eхtandble 2.with skill 3. 1k additional attack (best on to put under any weapon)
  5. It's not that easy to get new weapon in 7.8 so if someone still doesn't have one this event is good for them.
  6. are you serious? what are eхpecting to see at 8 o'clock in the morning? only ppl who didnt get a life online at this time
  7. @Loki @Kibbelz After today crashes my TT renown went down to 4.40% and i just made it to 5 lvl! u know how hard it even get 5%. Fiх it!
  8. @Kibbelz @Loki So its been 2nd day of event. Train of elys still run over me trying simply do 20 mobs for quest. Asmo didnt even have a chance to touch Sunayaka second day in a row. So any idea how to fiх it? cause for now it seems to me that it is only Ely event And please dont say that you can at least stuff for coins. Rewards are useless. The main thing is Sunayaka which wont be never on asmo side.
  9. then they should have fiх it year ago. now its too late
  10. well thats what NCwest just need to do reset fast and forget about fiхing it. There are more other problem to resolve
  11. why ppl still crying about KT crashes? it is the best thing that happening in this game. without eхtra resets of all instances its boring also u can buy more stuff from renown.
  12. @Loki @Kibbelz It is the time for servers merging or fiх transfer please.
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