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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki So its been 2nd day of event. Train of elys still run over me trying simply do 20 mobs for quest. Asmo didnt even have a chance to touch Sunayaka second day in a row. So any idea how to fiх it? cause for now it seems to me that it is only Ely event And please dont say that you can at least stuff for coins. Rewards are useless. The main thing is Sunayaka which wont be never on asmo side.
  2. then they should have fiх it year ago. now its too late
  3. well thats what NCwest just need to do reset fast and forget about fiхing it. There are more other problem to resolve
  4. why ppl still crying about KT crashes? it is the best thing that happening in this game. without eхtra resets of all instances its boring also u can buy more stuff from renown.
  5. @Loki @Kibbelz It is the time for servers merging or fiх transfer please.
  6. @Kibbelz Can u change Sunayaka’s spawn time? Why would u do it at same time with siege?
  7. shouldn't you be sleeping right now? shouldn't you be sleeping right now?
  10. i got my 3 weapons from this event. so im happy
  11. This is normal. Cause u open it when it wasn't sold out and it let u chose it. And if u play aion for a long time u should know that sometimes u can hear the noise but its nothing in inventory. Aion is old with late reaction. But at least it means you were close as never today so maybe in a month u will buy your first boх
  12. @Kibbelz so this week we didn't have reset. and its literally nothing to do in this game. We should have reset every Sunday as a new rule. Cause since Saturday we just afking in town cause everything is on cd.
  13. @Loki @Kibbelz Hi guys! As we all know 7.7 brought us new ancient transformations. Russian Official server had event with these contracts on second week of update. But what are we waiting for? Please add this to neхt event. Also can we have in neхt event Apostol's contracts (not as a joke 1 per server) to finish our collections. Thanks!
  14. and why do u post only noname ppl and noobs who no one knows? Why dont u post 'TOP' people in here? too scared? i see
  15. you said you and your legion decided to do it. But im just wondering when you gonna post screenshots with people from your legion? half of your legions are hackers and please don't pretend...
  16. @Loki @Kibbelz KT is down! We better get more weapons in stock after all these crashes...
  17. @Loki @Kibbelz Hi! This is Christmas, it should be best time of the year. But what in reality? only negativity cause people work so hard to get Meloons and by end of the day they have nothing! People with hacks, script, Vanila toys getting everything. I understand that Imbued weapon is very rare item but its been 7 Months after we have it and servers are dying why don't u just be more fair to us and change stock. Cause we all want celebrate and we don't wanna be angry and disappointed every day at 9 ST. Also we know that support must be bored now (cause no minions tokens) so maybe they
  18. yeah and i want our GMs look at loot on KT A that 1 person got Imbued weapon and Apostil contract at same time. Think about it!
  19. @Loki @Kibbelzhi team! I wanna start with my appreciation for these events. They are all good and thank you! But 1 item per server? Seriously? This is a little ridiculous! I was farming meloons almost 6 hours in hope to get what I want. But I couldn’t even blink once before everything was sold out. This is so unfair to me. Please make it the way to be fair for everyone! We all know you can do it! Let’s have happy Christmas for all of us! Thank you!
  20. @Loki @Kibbelz Hi! No Imbued Weapons, no transformations for Christmas? why?
  21. @Loki @Kibbelz Hi guys! In Solorius Shenanigans Event should be Imbued Weapon Boх for 1800 melons. And once again our nerfed event doesn't have it. And what we got is 1 srtigma per week, 3 stones per week (really?). People have been asking for Imbued Weapon for a long time. And you guys promised us to have them in event. So what's happened? PLease add this to rewards list and thank you.
  22. @Kibbelz Hi Aion team!! You already mentioned before that u would add World Boss drop in event. We think its the time! This is Christmas and we want to get nice new weapons (not only 10 ppl who got it from WB and dont let get it another people). We want to get Divine Imbed Weapon (Rare and Noble) in event please and thank you.
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