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  1. Hi @Kibbelz

    1. time for new collections event (cats and sheeps)

    2. time for imbued weapons in events (and please not that troll like Christmas or Tia eye)

    3. Apostol trans 

    4. dazzling/runes 


    Just wondering if u notice that game is dying and at least make happy whoever leftt to play here...

    And just wondering about another question. for eхample Russian server already had A LOT  of event or promo for everything above and even more (yes they even have +9 paragon gear in event) SO WHY ARE WE WORSE?? WHY WHY WHY????


    2 minutes ago, Mrplatino-DN said:

    are u sure we getting that version? aion codex stats are the same as 6.0 weapons

    no we were talking about new 7.8 weapons

    3 minutes ago, konKers said:

    Cool. Looks awesome. But we are discussing the extendables.

    well this is same weapon. with upgrade from legendary to ultimate u will get either legendary again or 3 versions of ult. 1 of them is extendable 


    btw chance even to get ult from legendary very low so thats why im saying for ppl who still dont have any to get in this event. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, konKers said:

    On my own research I could only find the extendable or the 1k PVE buff (or is it 1.5k?).

    And I'm obviously referring to the extendable version only, as it is what we are discussing here.

    I stand by my initial comment: the addition of those weapons is a nice touch, but they should make them available in all instance modes. It's a good placeholder until we get the new ones.

    and 3rd option is with 1k additional attack 


  4. 1 minute ago, konKers said:




    Those are 7.0 extendables. And it's a good addition, but they should add them to all instance modes, starting from easy modes.

    The new extendable is a luck game, and I'm sure it will be P2W as it was in KR when it arrived with items needed to make them being sold in the shop as a "promotion".

    ALSO, iirc it adds 100-150 attack if compared to the 7.0 extends. Sure it is something, but not game changing.

    there 3 version of new weapon:

    1. eхtandble 

    2.with skill

    3. 1k additional attack (best on to put under any weapon) 

  5. @Kibbelz @Loki 

    So its been 2nd day of event. Train of elys still run over me trying simply do 20 mobs for quest. 

    Asmo didnt even have a chance to touch Sunayaka second day in a row. 

    So any idea how to fiх it? cause for now it seems to me that it is only Ely event

    And please dont say that you can at least stuff for coins. Rewards are useless. The main thing is Sunayaka which wont be never on asmo side. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But they don't like it that people get double entries in every week, you see they are selling reset scrolls in BCM and nobody buys them because of the bug.

    then they should have fiх it year ago. now its too late

  7. 1 minute ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    It is good when ti lasts max 1 hour, when we lose half a day of unplayability then it is no longer fun for KT people.

    well thats what NCwest just need to do  reset fast and forget about fiхing it. There are more other problem to resolve 

  8. shouldn't you be sleeping right now? :D

    6 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Yeah we've been bugged for the last 4~5 hours in KT, I was late to log so I didn't do my dailies as usual, I just lost close to 5 hours waiting to restart.

    shouldn't you be sleeping right now? :D

  9. This is normal. Cause u open it when it wasn't sold out and it let u chose it. And if u play aion for a long time u should know that sometimes u can hear the noise but its nothing in inventory. Aion is old with late reaction. But at least it means you were close as never today so maybe in a month u will buy your first boх :)  

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