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  1. Did you put the ambush that says "skill 1" into the hotbar? You need to bind the first skill in a custom chain to your keybind not the leave the original skill in this case ambush
  2. Ugh stupid autocorrect spellcheck ?
  3. I'm almost certain that the season gp systems has nothing to do with star officer gp system that give transformation at 5*. It just gives medals as a reward for the ppl with the most gp in a given month and the medals can be exchanged for quna in kr and purple enchanting stones in russia which for na probably means Luna??
  4. No they added more 3 purple pixel girls of different colors I think they are also even more important in 7.0 because if you have certain combos of them you get perm stat boosts like cubic but much more of the stats think like 1500 crit etc. having those combos also give new skills too that you can use kinda like dragon king skills. Should be good for some ppl but I keep getting copies of the same yellow transforms unfortunately ?
  5. After looking at the damage changes for sorc I think it's possible that they changed the damage to be equal to the pvp damage of the 3 high damage skills. I.e. Storm strike is -50% flame spray -35% and glacial shard I think was -40% so now the pve and pvp dmg of those skills are the same. At least I hope that's what this is cause if they just nerf sorc that hard I can't see how any sorc mains can keep up in 7.0, like I main a sorc and have a sorc alt so I am super demotivated by this "change"
  6. I can also confirm I have gotten a legendary skill box from coe. However, it is pretty rare since out of the 20 or so skill boxes I've gotten from coe only the one was a legendary one. You will know when you loot the shugo as the chest itself is legendary instead of ancient.
  7. How can we get purple pvp enchantment stones they seem kinda hard to get in large numbers I thought you get 4 a week from siege only but I just got one from those bags that drop from pvp instances although the chance to get one must be low cause I opened 25 without one so I thought it only gives yellow but on like this 30th bag I got a purple. Are these the only 2 ways to get them if so it will take ages to get enough of them also how do we get red ones or do I not even want to know lol. Thanks
  8. I read somewhere before patch that guestblooms were getting removed but that petal merchant remained so I bought a lot of them on all my characters before patch and move all the current ones back to my housing storage they are all there so if you have any from before you can still get petals like all my characters have at least 10 blooms and if u need petal just set them and send the character from each of your houses to collect them. I was collecting petals minutes before patch and got a manastones bloom while watering so it was at least before patch still possible. They made some chang
  9. I am pretty sure the reason sorc/sm used book for pvp is so it's possible to range auto attack to break things like sin/ranger resist skills. I was wondering if maybe that doesn't work is too slow now or if the higher dmg of an orb is now more valuable. With armsfusing I wasn't asking to fused orb with book just if fusing pve on a pvp weapon is best currently when I had taken a break it was but in 5.8 I heard it was best to do pve with pve and pvp with pvp so was wondering if that is still true. Thanks for answers there is some info on 6.x out there but it's hard to find a lot too.
  10. Hi I stopped playing for a year or so and when I stopped sorcs and sm used orb for pve and book for pvp and I wanted to make sure this is still the case before I buy my weapon with crystals. I was watching a Korean stream and the sorc was using a red orb for pvp so I started to wonder if I missed some change. Also since pvp attack doesn't stack on armsfused weapons do we still use pve weapon fused with a pvp one? Thanks
  11. I hope they readd things too however, I'm pretty sure the unicorn mount won't be on the store since when it was last week it said it would only be for sale until 10/24.
  12. Can you please put unicorn mount in bcm I never got it in 2 of my characters' Luna and I want them all to have it before 6.x when it gets removed from Luna craft. For skins I would like to see viola's vestiges, springbloom uniform, dark meneace, cool swimsuit, and kumiho outfit and tails unless they will be in Halloween event. Would also like snowboard mount called snowkissed aetherboard. Thanks
  13. Hi I just started playing again recently after quitting last server merger and wanted to know how to combine the newest manastones beyond +10 to +11 and +12. The knowledge kind of manastones. I still see the morphing recipes for up to +10 but can't find anything for beyond that. Thanks
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