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  1. They have extended the relic until 05.18.2022 with that you want to indicate that 8.2 just arrived in May? It was hard for you to bring 8.2 as the European server, and if you do not plan to do events whatever the reason, put the event coins back in the lubug missions and update the things to buy with the npc, dazzling weapons legendary transformations / ultimate wrap etc would be the best
  2. I still have doubts with the anniversary event, they will give how many boxes 2 for each mission or is it a gift box per mission because in the news section they mention two boxes and the prizes remain the same
  3. Thank you very much for continuing to keep the game dead, no events and no changes in the prestige rewards, or in the baron or bullion shop, two weeks with the BCM error and they neither correct it nor pronounce it, thanks for that pessimistic job
  4. I do not know if they could verify but in the bcm the sphere for the definitive transformation is not yet there, so it should be there from this month
  5. by God until vasa I will continue delaying the second patch, they do not give any damn information on the subject you ignore everyone lastly nor the union of servers you respond to people it is so difficult to give yourself 1h to be able to respond to people or is it really not Are you a GM or finally send someone to respond and give us an answer about the update changes in the game
  6. Could you give us some news about version 7.9 part II or are you going to continue ignoring that question we ask? that version brings a set of fragments to acquire a transformation that takes 5 months to obtain I hope this you see if they respond and do not ignore the messages
  7. It is impressive to see how you ignore people, many of us are waiting for when they want to bring the second part of 7.9, it is not possible that until now we do not have it, other servers are already going for two months of that patch, And the main thing about the patch is the acquisition of the transformation that many of us need, and yet you just shut up and say nothing, do you think something will solve the union of servers? It will bring more chaos than it is in itself if they do not make changes to articles or in the bcm or in the prestige store, they should update there and in the event
  8. It is time to review those prizes that are with the event coins, they should implement another jewelry, such as AOA or more accessible for legendary transformations, and the set should also change it for another since currently that set can be taken out by IDD As well as the minions to be able to buy without the need for that lock, the orange pot (I don't remember the name) to get the pvp set should also put it so everyone is better equipped and more balanced, and why not cubic too, other regions have best prizes with event coins.
  9. Until when else we will have to wait for an event to arrive or the second part of 7.9 currently the population has dropped a lot and not all of us have the time to walk in two Aion there are many people who can only be in the Live other regions already have The second part of the 7.9 should already put it here and be able to continue advancing the few that are still on the server, that will not affect them since they already have a fixed income with the classic
  10. hello, as a suggestion it would be good to put the instance of cumuqui back, it was one that helped a lot in the 5.8 could put between the rewards, box of machines, Fighting Spirit Fragment, box with the skin of the dragons, box with set of pve legendary and of course the AP that gave each release of the piglets, with which they put it every 15 days would be very good help, and so level many things that are required in an event that is easy to do and individually.
  11. To apologize first for the bad English for the translator wanted to comment on the following, lately it looks very, very low in the scope of pvp to the Asmodians and not only I say it here in NA (server katalam) but also in the US it is the same situation, it is like they all were almost elians and not asmos, when 6.2 arrives the fortress will only be Elia due to the small amount of Asmodian people that gives cavida to the PVP and I see few officers fighting except some meet for instances but then they are very absent , and in the end there is no balance as it should be
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