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  1. All this complaining about compensation gear. there are people running around in almost full ultimate masterwork gear who havn't spent a dime on the game, which out classes compensation gear. sounds like the typical (i play this game so i'm entitled to have the same gear and ability as someone else without putting in the same amount of work) take this as a life lesson, life isn't fair and never will be. you want to be on an equal playing field? put in the work for it and don't demand instant results. you want instant results? pay thousands of dollars for it. just like 400 lb people do with liposuction because they don't want to put in the work to lose weight.
  2. Nc Will Kill Aion

    You would hope they would think, "Oh we do have a huge botting problem on our servers, maybe we shouldn't make part of the event spawn shugos that are required to be killed for a completion quest, and if we do decide to do that maybe we shouldn't make said shugos spawn where the bots are regularly botting already" So much for a competent thought process on this one ladys and gents.
  3. Nc Will Kill Aion

    More money? NCSoft raked in 29.79 Million USD last quarter with AION JUST FROM EU AND NA. They just need to hire staff worth a damn that actually promotes the betterment of the game worthy of the money they pull from it.
  4. Great Event

    Another event which promotes botting outside of town. Well done. Hey NCWest can we just stick to Drop rate and Exp buffs? since every single one of these "Magical" event ideas fails miserably. the Drop rate/enchanting/exp buffs never fail.
  5. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    Agreed. +15 ultimate could seem very suspect, however it is surely doable with a decent amount of luck and luna spent to recieve an enormous amount of legendary stones via luna resets.
  6. DPS test

    A base line for PF clearing it right before enrage timer would be something around all the DPS pulling 30k dps. which is roughly 5.4m damage over 3 minutes.
  7. Prime Forge

    If possible, if you are elyos the next time you clear it could you screenshot the damage meter report? I'm looking into a possible issue of stat diffrences between the Boss for Asmo side and Elyos side. I have compiled a few screenshots so far but its come to my attention Asmo side DPS meters are showing around 5 million more damage done on the boss than Elyos side for clears. Just looking to get a wider spread of data before submitting a report to support. Currently the boss has seperate Mob ID's between asmo and elyos side and im trying to do my own investigation on possible stat diffrences on the seperate mob ID's of the boss.
  8. Manastone slot efficiency

    Me and a legion member created a stat sheet for this exact question. The general ruling on it was unless you are a sin(because of high crit dmg modifiers on dagger) you get more value from socketing all attack.(pure damage wise) however some classes recieve procs for some abilities when they crit or skill resets for critting, so that in itself might be enough to tip the scales. All in all, socketing full crit vs full attack is litterally a matter of like 2-3% dps difference in almost every situation other than sin. (damage wise not including skill resets on some classes for crits) (as well as in sin's case socketing full crit was a 5% increase over socketing all attack) Numbers were based on full red gear where crit is on every piece already (if you are using legendarys without crit, crit stat value is dramaticly increased)
  9. Weaving Melee DPS this Patch 6.2

    Physical attack and pve attack do actually scale your auto attack damage. In fact they scale the damage in the same exact way that they scale skills. you have to think of weapon damage weaving as an extra skill. because it is calculated damage wise the same way a skill is calculated where your tool tip damage for the auto attack skill is your weapon damage displayed in your stat sheet on your profile. every 1000 physical attack over the enemy's defense is 100% increase to the tooltip's damage. "You need a high grade weapon (high weapon attack) and decent attack speed in order to be able to weave effectively. If not, just spam attack skills." I do however agree with that statment as well as the formulas. just not the broad statment of physical attack and pve not scaling it's damage. If you were implying it doesn't scale the tooltip damage displayed in your stat sheet that would be correct.
  10. So im almost in full ultimate masterwork crafted PvP gear. The only thing i have spent money on is the prestiege pass. So i would say without a doubt, yes it is laborious, and we can progress evenly if the time and work is invested into the game. obviously if more hours are invested into the game grinding for mats than others you should be far ahead of other players in gear. but if you are sitting in ancient with 1 or 2 legendary pieces you just arnt putting in the effort that others are and you are not entitled to be as equally geared as another player who puts in more work than you. im playing on EK. the fresh start server. no exchange gear given, no free 30m kinah per gold ingot to buy up mats to craft with. i've grinded and earned every bit of my way for my gear and im almost full Ultimate Masterwork pvp crafted. so it can be done. you just have to EARN it..... or spend thousands of dollars on keys for kinah bundles out of lock boxes to fund your crafting like many have already done, lol.
  11. Ranger BOTS all over map

    He plays on EK-Elyos. So if the bots are still there i doubt he responds to it or really makes actions himself on the matter. If he wont even take actions on his own server and faction, why would actions be made else where? I get he is a CM and not a GM, but if you are an employee of a company and you see rules being broken that your company has set in place. It is your duty to either, 1.) do something yourself about the issue. or 2.) pass it onto someone else at the company who specificly handles those matters. But that's asking a lot from NCSoft, because they have never acted as a professional company nor had any structure. (looking from the outside in) its the damn wild wild west when it comes to their employee's and they do whatever the hell they want, as long as it apears to be what they are supposed to be doing to the people who write their paychecks. Example: Hell, Cyan might even just be playing on his character on EK-Elyos Writing it off as "I'm interacting with the community which falls in line with my duties as the community manager" with his 4-5 Forum posts a week. (no idea what else hes doing as a CM but that's all that is visibly seen from the outside in)
  12. P2W much?

    Nah, if he has compensation gear its legendary at best. i've dropped him several times almost instantly on SippyCuppy TBH he's probably half legendary crafted half Ancient GC. he's pretty paper thin even for the average clothy in zephyr the only exception being Ahri. who dies in like 3-4 abilities.
  13. P2W much?

    Everyone remember That triple glad Elyos team that first downed primeth Forge. Sitting at 90k hp with their 10% luna buff. i faintly remember one of them saying "You guys are going to hate me, i had my pvp gear on" implying the others had 90k hp in pve gear? when red pve gear isn't even obtainable at that point since it was the first Primeth forge kill and red pve crafted gear isn't possible yet. makes you wonder....
  14. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    He bugs if someone dies and releases. he targets the person who released with a mechanic and resets because of it.