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  1. Hello @Loki as you must be unaware this was in the most recent patch notes. https://gyazo.com/6ea17f4ff2d4224ab06a76776c3c68cd But we still get exp in the adds that keep spawning, any plan on fixing it?
  2. Understood, but im trying to level an alt and i can't level to 80 since npcs are bugged.
  3. @Cyan some npcs and hostile npcs can't be clicked as of now, obelisks are disapearing same as warehouse master and stigma master. Altar deitys can't be clicked same with gates
  4. @Cyan how many mobs so far for the monster hunter challenge? Does the craft recipe in aetherforging for joker cards will disapear?
  5. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/6231-aion-return-to-katalam-72-update-feedback/
  6. Probably not, minium vault cost 40 for the first 3 then goes back to the default, 100, 120, 140
  7. @Cyan What are the new rates for stigma enchantment?
  8. Since you guys already decided what's coming and what not, where are the patch notes?
  9. @Cyan can we have couple answer what we might have soon at least?
  10. 7- Nerf Demaha siege mobs, about 50% hp is fine since the siege itself is a trainfest where people hit the gate with 20+ mobs using sleep + blind, we could have the option to at least kill them as a faction without wasting 25min of th siege.
  11. Hello @Cyan when you have the time to forward this request to the korean dev team i think the whole community would appreciate it since it will make life easier. 1 - Use bobonerk coins in stacks ( use 5-10 simultaneously) 2- Another use for bobonerk gem (craft manastones using bobonerk gem or gold ingots) 3- Lower the luna usage for retunning gear, 160 per try when we can get lower stats or even remain the same seems a bit too much, if we only could get only higher stats after we retunne with luna would be ok, but since that requires code changes i think lowering it's be
  12. Ultimate select is piece bundle, which means you have to gather more than 1 to use it
  13. @Cyan the 300% exp event means we wont get the Enchant-O-Rama buffs tomorrow?
  14. Yeah but he random cast the aetherhold which basically takes 90% of the target life, if he cast it on the tank its over
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