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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 4, 2020

  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Probably not, minium vault cost 40 for the first 3 then goes back to the default, 100, 120, 140
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @Cyan What are the new rates for stigma enchantment?
  4. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    Since you guys already decided what's coming and what not, where are the patch notes?
  5. Couple quality of life improvements we would like @cyan

    @Cyan can we have couple answer what we might have soon at least?
  6. Couple quality of life improvements we would like @cyan

    7- Nerf Demaha siege mobs, about 50% hp is fine since the siege itself is a trainfest where people hit the gate with 20+ mobs using sleep + blind, we could have the option to at least kill them as a faction without wasting 25min of th siege.
  7. Hello @Cyan when you have the time to forward this request to the korean dev team i think the whole community would appreciate it since it will make life easier. 1 - Use bobonerk coins in stacks ( use 5-10 simultaneously) 2- Another use for bobonerk gem (craft manastones using bobonerk gem or gold ingots) 3- Lower the luna usage for retunning gear, 160 per try when we can get lower stats or even remain the same seems a bit too much, if we only could get only higher stats after we retunne with luna would be ok, but since that requires code changes i think lowering it's best. 4- Increase the number of entry we can use to get in IDD ( Europe have 4 for non prestige and 5 for prestige same number as pf) 5- Change the shard bundle to the shard itself on the GST shop so we don't have to keep opening bags 6- Lower the price of daevonium skill box ( even more i know) on the gold ingot shopt to 20 and a 3 purchase limit per week. I will try to think more stuff if i can to add to the post.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    Ultimate select is piece bundle, which means you have to gather more than 1 to use it
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    @Cyan the 300% exp event means we wont get the Enchant-O-Rama buffs tomorrow?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    Yeah but he random cast the aetherhold which basically takes 90% of the target life, if he cast it on the tank its over
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    The boss melee attack basically one shot our glad full geared +15 with defense preparation and luna. Idk if we doing something really wrong
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    @Cyan any update on the jotun 2 boss of PFHM? Seems really impossible to actually complete the fight, and this come from someone who do with a full geared group with luna
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Do all non-Prestige users will have 2 entry? Shouldn't prestige users get more runs, feels like prestige users get nothing decent at all for the amount we pay.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    @Cyan what about other servers with 4 entrys with no prestige and 5 with prestige for Infernal Drakenspire Depths? Why we don't have this feature here?