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  1. Momo (Say) The Legit Player (Sarcasm)

    wow such noob player, lol rubbish no gear advantage he can't kill people roflmaos just like this friend gaupo
  2. @Cyan

    Already took few screenshots of people asking to be kicked with a 8/2 entry count and explained how the exploit works for the support. If they don't take any action i guess we have to resort to ncsoft linkedin
  3. Thank you Ncsoft

    Banning people send out a warning to others, so either fix or just ban who abused, whichever is the easiest and best option for the,.
  4. Thank you Ncsoft

    Its easy, just fix it Its not necessary to ban, just rip the ap/stones they got
  5. Thank you Ncsoft

    Was just posting how the bug works, if people want to abuse it, its up to them.
  6. Thank you Ncsoft

    Easy bait to people abuse and get banned, i know people can be that dumb, apparently works for you.
  7. Thank you Ncsoft

    @Cyan what about the EC exploit bug? Will people who been using be punished? Cause fair players its in disadvantage
  8. Expoitable bug, need fix ASAP

    @Cyan theres a bug that need fixing asap, if you enter EC and someone kick you, you can go back to the same battleground and won't lose a run, basically you can get kicked and re-enter multiples time doing like 4-5ec and gaining rewards of 10.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    all i see is broker bots complaning LMAO
  10. Aidps confirmation

    https://discord.gg/GFPjJc Discord with update hackerlist, join and send a pm to someone to add to the list
  11. Aidps confirmation

    Hello guys, someone posted me this https://gyazo.com/edf279adcf894febef186ecdcd96c305 Can you guys confirm the governor of kt-a is hacking? She said the red number is her ping LOL, so this guy play with 0 ping from a nasa pc inside texas server https://gyazo.com/f6c8c65475e2318cd99035542c1df60c
  12. DPS meter that captures animation speed

    Its a third part software, if its not included in the game files you can't use it, some people use but they dont announce on forum
  13. DPS meter that captures animation speed

    so you admite you're using a third part software?
  14. DPS meter that captures animation speed

    it doesnt work in na