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  1. stigma healing light ii

    LOL ok now I understand ...... thanks Bryos and Vantheria !!!
  2. stigma healing light ii

    right U got the skill BUT NO stigma to socket
  3. stigma healing light ii

    ok that doesn't even make sense. I went through the campaign , I got the icon for stigma healing light ii but didn't get the stigma to activate it, The game doesn't give you icons that don't work after a campaign, so next.....
  4. stigma healing light ii

    Where do you get the stigma healing light ii , I have the icon for it but not the stigma and can't find anything about where to get it.,
  5. Stuck in a fissure

    nope thanks will try that.
  6. Stuck in a fissure

    I am in Kaldor and landed in a fissure and cannot transport out, didn't come out when I rebooted, have tried everything. Please advise.
  7. How important is crafting ?

    How important is crafting and can you craft if you don't gather ?
  8. Let lone players play

    Because I feel that I would let a group down by being to slow, I haven't joined a group. But there are so few quests and other things after level 60 I am stuck just killing stuff to level up. I feel left out (sigh)
  9. I guess by the time your at level 63 you need to be in a group, I run out of quests to do and standing around killing things isn't any fun. Are there any groups out there that are willing to put up with someone that hasn't ever played in a group before ?
  10. cannot get back into quest

    FInally got it. made me crazy. But it is over now lol
  11. cannot get back into quest

    I have been trying every 24 hours for 3 days, I think it is a conspiracy lolol
  12. cannot get back into quest

    Yeah I am trying to complete everything this time around, just because I can lol Thanks.
  13. cannot get back into quest

    I am working on Taloc's Hollow , the power went out at the house and when I got back on the tree won't transport me. What do I do , no other quests will come open until I finish this one.
  14. Opening Wings

    I tried that and it doesn't work. (sigh) I have to get my wings to open so I can finish this quest stuff it is aggravating, it should be easier.
  15. Opening Wings

    Ok I have been playing a long time, I enjoy just working on things by myself. But one thing I haven't learned and cannot find by googling any of it is how to be in a no fly zone and getting your wings to open up so that you can use geysers and stuff like that,