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  1. Aion fail :/

    @Cheesecake-IS wow I will try this next time! I had this problem before... Ended up using Process Explorer to grab the command line to run Aion as a batch file... Had to do that each time lol.
  2. Farm in 5.6

    If you are talking about the solo daily and weekly Luna instances. Can you actually get lower than A??? You can AFK can get A or S every time. o_o
  3. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    Well of course things would need to be updated for the current patch. Or like was was previously mentions, put camps in Illuma/Norsvold. Also, whoever voted no for something that's unlikely to happen lol... That is not a good reason...
  4. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    Valid point, what about adding camp like things to Norsvold and Illuma? ;o To match the idea we are all missing to stimulate activity and PvP. Camps created hotspots on the vast maps.
  5. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    @who said no, could you explain your thoughts on why?
  6. Server Merge

    Alright, then I guess there are story games and competitive games.
  7. Server Merge

    Technically aren't you "competing" against the game itself?
  8. [Old Forums/Repost] 1.5 Ranger

    I think I now fully understand Ranger now. Thank you!!
  9. Skill Customization

    +1 lmao damn
  10. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    The old maps were really great. I had a lot of fun PvEing and PvPing on them. They gave a common goal to fight over between the two factions. Wish for one day the lore to unsink them ;(
  11. Server Merge

    KR* did not have that luxury. BR was behind + did not have the luxury.
  12. Server Merge

    Although, when GP came out. AP -> GP was available. All the AP hoarders from the older servers had the jump. BR did not have that luxury.
  13. Welcome to the New Aion Forums