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  1. On 9/8/2019 at 0:43 AM, Ymad-DN said:

    You coming back?  Game is popping lol


    On topic, I have been on a lot when Valiant went and did the world boss tour.  Never got kicked or told go away.  I was on my Vandal with crap gear.  


    Yes I am a white name ie legionless and still wasn't kicked or told legion only.  Only time I received a go away, legion only was from Clarity and Dystopia (sp). 

    I dont even bother with world bosses now, I just go there to catch the asmos that get strung along.

    I am back now o_o >_>


    4 hours ago, Mirelium-KT said:

    I know, i was just saying :) However, my point remains, as a Defender i got 150 GP with prestige, as a loosing party i got 120 GP. According to what you said before the change was made, the GP for Defenders remains the same. so the 30 GP difference remains :D 
    Still i'm glad you saw what i said and reacted so fast. 

    Thank you again for your hard work.

    If you have time maybe you can check this topic as well (and no, we are not talking about keeping rank in there.):


    i got 240 GP for defense.

  3. Saw this on the new L2 Forums GD forum. Thought it would be an interesting topic!

    I'll start!

    I watched the anime Hitman Reborn and there was the "Vongola Family". I thought it was pretty awesome name! Though, I obviously didn't want to steal it. So I sat up thinking about different permutations of the name. Loved the V, but did not want to use "Von", therefore I thought of "Vin". To replace the "gola", I ended up thinking of "lock". I liked "lock" because it made me think of Vampires a bit, and I love Vampires. I'm not sure why it made me think of Vampires though...

    The friends I started the game with joined my legion, "The Vinlock Family". I kinda liked the name a lot so I ended up naming my character Vinlock as well... Quickly, we agreed it can't be both the legion name and my name. So I kept Vinlock and we named the legion <Zephyr>.

    Now after 9+ years of going by Vinlock, I now naturally respond to it and the shortened versions, "Vin" and "Vinny".

    So there's my story! Let me know yours! :)

  4. 1 hour ago, SexyDeeva-DN said:

    I haven't been online for 2 weeks. I come online after doing update to find i had to choose a server and my game name was gone. Instead I've been given a number. How do I get my original game name back please?

    Mergers happen, this has been posted for a while :(. Just rename back to your name. If it doesn't work due to it being taken, send in a ticket to CS about getting your name back. 

    For reference see these threads:


  5. 5 hours ago, Heaps-SL said:

    Idk where you guys got 25 fingers but I normally flap my d*ck around WSAD having my balls bouncing on AD for quick strafe left and right, this frees up my left hand for a drink/cigar. I click all my skills with my one-finger right hand.

    In all seriousness thanks for the post chizuka, good laugh in the office here.

    isn't it WASD? just sayin'

  6. On 8/10/2017 at 5:52 AM, Tyd-BR said:

    Actually after last patch you can get lower then A now in luna.  They nerfed the points.  People been getting b's and d's.  Heck doing it now you can get an A just losing first gate means unless get Saam herb guys you getting an A

    Damn, I will need to check it out.

  7. 5 hours ago, Sunix-KR said:

    Ereshkigal - KR + IS + TM

    Shes is the greatest mage of all Atreia, not even Fregion have enough powers to deal with Ereskigal  alone, thats why he counted with Tiamat to defeat and seal Ereshkigal under Drakenspire Depths long ago. But now she is back and looking for revenge, not only against Daevas, but other Dragon Lords too.

    Fregion - SL + BR

    The first balaur to ever ascend. Also known as the Balaur Emperor. Only Fregion and Ereshkigal knows the secrets behind the ascension stasis. Fregion is powerful enough to even partially destroy the Tower of Eternity and to cast flames that never stops to burn. Other balaur not only respects him, but also have some type of fear and devotion to the Dragon Lord.


    Fregion is an old server name.

  8. 4 hours ago, Elyo-IS said:

    Honestly, i don't even know why you people are even thinking of creating a new name for Israphel, this was the first server and the name  should remain no matter what, 

    First server? You mean one of the first servers, right? Siel was as well. Though, the intention seems to be a new fresh feel.

    28 minutes ago, Isolde-SL said:

    Tutty and Pernos

    Tutty sounds like that server would be made fun of so much xD. GET ROASTED!

  9. 2 minutes ago, Friendzoned-KR said:

    The game seems to be big on Norse mythology, so for server name suggestions mine are:

    Helheim (I know it's usually referred to as "Hel" but don't think NC would want something that close to "hell" as a server name)


    Have you noticed that in Pandamonium, that first hall when you are walking towards the city, it's the Vifrost Bridge and Heimdall is the NPC on it? :P 

  10. 18 minutes ago, Friendzoned-KR said:

    For those mentioning things like "Azphel" and "Ariel" that joined the game 2012+, here is a list of the original server names:

    • Ariel, Siel, Vaizel, Kaisinel, Yustiel, Fregion, Israphel, Lumiel, Marchutan, Zikel, Triniel, Azphel, Meslamtaeda, and Nezekan.

    The memories are flooding back.. :$

    oh the nostalgia :x

    15 minutes ago, Vinlock-SL said:

    o/ @Shoko-SL :) . I get your reasoning. Though, I think the goal is a refresh. Siel has been the one server name that has been around from the beginning, and quite possibly has the most Player Lore in the game. Keeping it would serve nostalgia, though losing it would be ripping of the band-aid for a new fresh feeling once the pain is gone. Could inject some life into the game, as well as give that new competitive feeling with the other server without the looming history of Siel over our heads.

    Corrected my post's clarity and english. lol

  11. 1 hour ago, Shoko-SL said:

    From a player that been playing this game since beta. Please keep the name Siel.. Every time someone hears Siel it remind them of when Aion first started. If you remove the name then you just remove all the good memories people had on this server. I bet you do a survey to ask all the active players.. I bet at least 75% would agree to keep the name. #sielforever

    o/ Shoko :) . I get your reasoning. Though, I think the goal is a refresh. Siel has be the one server name from the beginning, and quite possibly has the most Player Lore in the game. Keeping it would server nostalgia. Losing it would be ripping of the band-aid for a new fresh server feeling. Could inject some life into the game, as well as new competitive feeling with the other server without the looming history of Siel.

  12. 18 minutes ago, Nakago-KR said:

    Tiamat + Kahrun + Israphel = Aspida
    Siel + Beritra = Disilon

    And you save other 2 Panesterra Territories Names for posible future new servers when population back to normal.


    The controversy when one server owns the other server's named fortress xD

    1 hour ago, BeritraVice-BR said:

    Perfect way to trigger the veterans :/

    I feel like it's time for new names instead of the same two.

    How about:

    Fregion [Siel + Beritra]

    Meslamtaeda [Israphel + Kahrun + Tiamat]

    Reasoning - fits notable figure naming convention, is factionless (since both are Dragon Lords), and are new names that don't imply the complete irrelevance of servers that aren't Siel and Israphel.

    Fregion and Meslamtaeda are previous server names.

  13. 2 hours ago, Kubei-IS said:

    Faction-less? It's probably best to keep it as Israphel and Siel, then. I really don't like anything else. Someone suggested Azphel (IS, KR, TM) and Ariel (SL, BR)

    I like Azphel and Ariel. Those would be great. Though they are both previously used server names.

    Would love to bring back Kaisinel and Ariel. The history of those servers touch hearts in many. Pretty decent since Kaisinel is apart of TM and Ariel is apart of SL. Somewhere in there.

    Aside from ignore one of the rules to not choose previously used server names...

    I would like, Zephyr and Bakarma

  14. 50 minutes ago, Nelewen-SL said:

    I say this problem may causing from  ping reducers and programs such as Aion Rainmeter.

    Cause once I uninstalled these programs I'm able to run Aion in 64 bit mode. :)

    I use none of those :(