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  1. Jan 2018 expected aion 6.0 in korea ?

    im hoping for something like an opera singer and an awsome skill called shatter where she sings a high pitch note that shatters a mirror D: jejeje or go with the first mentioned MIME! with a bind skill called invisible box! where a transparent box forms around the target binding it! ok am done jajaja id love to see new cute skins like: 1. A tea party theme! with a saucer shield! sugar cube orb! a giant spoon PA! 2. mochi skin! i wanna be a cute round red bean mochi *U>U* 3. veggie and fruit skins! i wanna be a rolling orange! or a banana! or strawberry <3 AND ID LOVE TO SEE THE ARGENT MANOR HAT SKINS AND TIAMAT STRONGHOLD HATS ON BCM D: ok done rambling \o/ VIREO OUT!
  2. New Server Name Suggestions

    draconic names for: Siel/Beritra- Turac= cold, frozen, ice. Israphel/ Tiamat/ Kharun- Thal= born of memory, born in history