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  1. Is there anyone who can share information about that invisible box that toons get stuck inside of during certain instances such as: kamar battle field, idgel dome, and illumial brawl. This box has been around for many years. Has Aion claimed this to be a part of the game now or can the developers not fix this issue if in fact it is a bug? Thanks
  2. For those of us that may not already now - some of our stats have caps. One in particular is the movement speed cap. Scrolls and pots that promise a 100% increase in movement speed is a buff of smoke up your ***. Check it out for yourself. The stats do not claim - up to 100% boost - it clearly states - movement speed +100% which we do not get when equipped with decent gear. I am certain this may carry over to other stats as well.
  3. Guess not even NCSoft knows why they are unable to fix the invisible box bug.
  4. Does anyone know why NCSoft has yet to fix the invisible box that has been popping up in several stances over the past several years?
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