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  1. Does it matter what major stigma I use or can I use either one?
  2. If you want a sorta easy time I would say EK, but KT and DN are the most active servers
  3. With this new update I've found trouble in figuring out which transformations and stigmas I should use. Should I use attack speed or cast speed transforms? And can anyone help with what stigmas I need?
  4. The worst part is that you're probably right about that. I'm looking forward to 6.2 but at this rate it's looking like NCWest doesn't care about us. I'm so close to just saying "Screw it" and never coming back to aion. This game used to be fun. Fix this @Cyan or tell someone who can fix it to. Because as it stands right now NCWest isn't gonna be making money much longer with how everything is going right now.
  5. Make sure you check all servers for your characters
  6. Well the thing is that I found some good rotations for pve because that's the only thing I do due to the pure difficulty that is getting any good pvp gear. Even still I've only recently seen people start using gunners for pve
  7. When I first started actually playing aion, back when Enshar was endgame and people knew what Idian Depths was, I played a gunner and always found it to be a fun class but as I progressed through the game I found that they were a bit clunky and not very viable in pve. When I came back from my break from aion they were a little better but they still seemed less than efficient. My question is are they better for pve or pvp?
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