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  1. PVE stigmas for Songweaver?

    what are all the stigmas a songweaver needs for PVE? planning on lvl+9 them
  2. the preview was lost somehow and I REEEALLLY like the config I made on my other toon. how do I get it back?
  3. I'm struggling to get supplements to enchant my gear. the broker has literally no small bags of supplements right now. Aion staff pls add supps to the list of loot from the boxes or something I have lots of omegas collecting dust because there are no supps to buy. or can the community teach me the easiest/fastest (no real money) way to get a lot of supps?
  4. Where da old nyerkers

    this is why new players don't stay in this game. too many elitists with no patience. you'll blame p2w when this game shuts down a year down the road.
  5. there's a more effective way: put ninja looters on a community blacklist. there I solved your problem now let me sell those parts for a lot of kinah tyvm
  6. game crashing a LOT since last update

    I did everything you mentioned except muting sounds. and it doesn't make any sense since I could play the game at maxed out graphics before this update with NO game crashes whatsoever. daily luna, which has a LOT more mobs in one place no problems, also could do CoE without crashes. they should have messed up something because it's not just me and it started specifically after this update
  7. ever since kromede's revenge event came out, the game crashes a lot. especially inside kromede's room when I gather all the mobs. I tried cleaning my whole pc, closed all other programs and services, set graphics to the lowest possible, updated all my drivers and windows. I made sure all my components work correctly, but nothing seems to work... many people I spoke to are experiencing the same problem so it seems its a problem on your end and not my pc. maybe XIGNCODE3 is the problem?. please look into it.. I lost a LOT of kromede's revenge runs because of this! I sent all the logs, you guys have them. please fix it because it's very annoying. oh, and it doesn't only crash there.. the game also crashed in CoE when gathering busts and once when I clicked the portal to leave the luna daily instance worth mentioning that before this update my game rarely, if ever, crashed.