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  1. I second this, I been M. I. A for a while. Saw someone looking for a "heal spec sw" in lfg the other day, threw me for a loop. I'm not up to date at all.
  2. "give it a shot" haha pun...Anyway skill wise it might be similar but, bns combat style has more swagger for lack of a better term, I know it's definitely not going to FEEL like Aion gunner. Or at least I hope not, Ima try it out though.
  3. Yea looks like its a dead end design I don't even know why it exists. Looks like the Emperor one of the same level and skin is the only direct gold craft. That bites. Well Thank You! much appreciated.
  4. Oh wait got an email from support, I asked if they could tell me where the npc is that sells the design I wanted they said this: "Upon thoroughly checking, we only found one item that corresponds to Balic Craft: Noble Sky Dragon King's Durable Shield and the outcome will be Noble Sky Dragon King's Durable Shield. If this is not the item you are looking for, please elaborate further and we'll continue to investigate further." Which means it exists somewhere? so I asked if they could tell me the location and they told me: "Unfortunately, the Game Support Team is not a part of the
  5. Yea, I have that design, that one comes from the shugo at teminon landing, but I have 3 blue procs so was trying to use what I have. I was trying to avoid it procing eternal, it always procs when I use gold design.lol Ill have to suck it up I guess. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  6. I'm looking for the NPC that sells balic designs that take 3 blue procs and makes them into 1 gold. I've asked lfg, some very nice people looked all over the place trying to help, I have looked on almost every map. I've asked support but the way they respond is as if they haven't read anything you just said. This is my last resort before I just give up. here is the specific design i'm looking for http://aiondatabase.net/en/recipe/155100238/
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