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  1. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    @Ele-DN They had to take the npc down bc they had to figure out a solution maybe it wasn't a fast enough solution for you but almost everyone if not everyone is happy with the solution so why do you need to be that person still QQ'ing?
  2. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    It is your mistake to put the event "live" before checking it so why hold others responsible for your mistake and take away whatever collection buffs or combinations they may have received from getting the transformation for free. And you want to talk about how much work it will be on your end...take the loss and just put it back up as free and one time buy for the key so the rest of the people who didn't get it can get it there problem solved...it seems so easy and simple? And I agree the survey rewards? lol what a joke don't even bother sending those...I'm sure if people who missed out on getting that transformation for free will not complain if you just put the npc back with the form for free