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  1. We are not trying to "nyerk" you guys over but all merges in the past were fair have you not been there for them? did you not read in this topic? the post linked from 2017? I'm not trying to mess up people from KT...It is about fairness for all. if it was turned around and the same thing was happening to KT? Guess what I would post and say I'd want it fair both to reset names and housing. 100%
  2. I don't want to sound like I'm QQ'ing but why is this merge not being handled like all other merges? We are not a brand new server that was made bc you thought you needed another server. We are also alot of old players. How is it fair to reset one server and not the other? I don't understand the logic behind it. So if someone is playing KT and has a bunch of "payable" properties for all their chars and is still active? While someone from DN who's played over the 10 years had a mansion since they came out had to rebuy it for at least two merges already, won't have a chance? bc you won't reset t
  3. It feels to me like the people being most negative about the server merge are people who seemed to have never been through a merge before? lol From last merges, names were reset, houses were reset...I would imagine it will be the same this time too. For me I never played on KT I don't really know people there but I think a merge is a good thing for people still wanting to run content. The name and house problem will sort itself out, it did before. Think of all the inactive people holding mansion or estates...Let some active people have a chance?
  4. I agree with Tweanie and I don't have an ultimate transform and I'm not QQ'ing about this and I know alot and I mean alot of people who tried to get the S rank minion and have failed time and time again and how hard it is for some to get one they can't give you everything all at once and I feel that an ultimate transform is so good bc yeah it is hard to get I think people should stop crying and just be happy they will get a S grade minion easily...as for some crying about the ultimate transform...you just came back what? 6 months ago? lol try playing straight since 5x having all original legen
  5. Possibly the reason they don't take the npc for nightmare coins out is because not all people spent all their coins and can still have the npc available to buy items whenever they want and also because the nightmare coins are to be a reoccurring currency for events in the future as well so yes maybe not during the current event but ones to come...they explained this when they first introduced the nightmare coins
  6. @Ele-DN They had to take the npc down bc they had to figure out a solution maybe it wasn't a fast enough solution for you but almost everyone if not everyone is happy with the solution so why do you need to be that person still QQ'ing?
  7. It is your mistake to put the event "live" before checking it so why hold others responsible for your mistake and take away whatever collection buffs or combinations they may have received from getting the transformation for free. And you want to talk about how much work it will be on your end...take the loss and just put it back up as free and one time buy for the key so the rest of the people who didn't get it can get it there problem solved...it seems so easy and simple? And I agree the survey rewards? lol what a joke don't even bother sending those...I'm sure if people who missed out on ge
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