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  1. Hey there @2s105714-DN we appreciate your feedback and glad you reached out to us. Unfortunately we don't care about the gold pack model, that is the lease p2w thing about EU, we are talking about their absurdly over priced items on the cash shop. Many people think that this is to block off the ability to get the kaisinel xform, however people who have actually played 6.0+ know that you cannot play the game without an xform. They've gated the general population from getting decent run and attack speed in doing this. Appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Hey there @DevilNest-KT, Mogang Esports have done their part and passed along your suggestion to NC during our daily team meeting and many of them gasped at the sheer brilliance of it so expect it to be implemented along with 6.2. I truly hope more people can bring positive changes to 6.2 instead of focusing on the negatives like EU aion. I'll keep you all updated on any future announcements, and if you need to reach me feel free to DM me here on the forums! Thanks, Mogang Esports.
  3. Good evening Aion community, I would like you all to be rest assured that Mogang Esports is in private talks with NC about the NA release for 6.2. We are trying our best to make sure NA does not follow the same, pay to win path that EU has taken with their cash shop, while they pay some buffoon to shout it isn't pay to win while he makes duck faces at his dead corpse in FM(Just kidding emissaries don't get paid). We have already worked hard to make sure they revise their foolish excuse for a prestige pack, and return it to it's once glorious state that contained unicorns and frog raincoats for
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