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  1. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    Hello, I know this is an ongoing discussion for quite some time, but things are hurting, a lot. I've come back to Aion for quite a while right now, and I'm sad to see it's the same situation Elyos outnumber Asmos by too much. Due to this i would like to bring some ideas to the table, maybe already discussed or maybe new ones, just to attempt at making something better. I could move to another server, but man i'm attached to my Chanter :3 Also as a statement, we already Asmos don't need these changes, i wouldn't mind these to be applied only to New Accounts. So here goes nothing: 1. I played quite some mmo's during my life span, all faction based MMO's suffer from this faction imbalance, these solved their problem with Faction Transfers, which can be monetized. If there is one already maybe a price lowering would help because this would result in: More content players, thus more money on the long run. 2. Incentives a faction change by having a little bit better buff, incline towards growing a character, and loot. Not just pvp.. stats... Our problem is not only in PvP but also in the amount of PvE groups that are formed. A buff that would help the incentive of a faction change would be: 25% more EXP from hunting and quests, 30% more loot and maybe +1 Mirash and CoE Run. This will even help the Economy of the Asmo side, reach the prices of the Elyos Side, we would also benefit from more crafting and we would reach the same gear as Asmos have. I know some Elys suffer from the same behavior that we get treated, but looking at the fact that in sieges we get outnumbered, while questing we get outnumbered, even when trying to enter a dungeon we get squished," i was killed din base while being afk" level of outnumbered, we need something to change.