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  1. still waiting for a pre 4.8 master server

    "werent near popular enough" k kid back in 4.0 there was a lot more players than there are now and I mean 400-600 people per server and with siel as the most populated ofc you obviously haven't payed attention oh an ya know why the servers are dying worst than when they went F2P because of the direction that aion is headed(which game was dying since then). ever since 4.8 its been down hill. and literally most of NA will agree the games garbage and boring. nothing to do and it will never be the same pvp experience and never be a better pvp experience than any of the patchs pre 4.8. and no I wont take a break. because I quit 3 weeks after 6.0
  2. master server, roll back, or just shut down the game. any more patch and this game will just go further down the shit hole. sure korean master server didnt work but thats cause the retail server was up. why I say roll back and stay on one of the pre 4.8 patchs after all you guys make more money from the cash shop then you know what to do with.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 5, 2018

    obviously you never played pre 4.8 then cause it was expensive to put something up for 300-400 mill and the 30% mind you. is level 2 on broker listing. learn to read. doesnt matter anyway give it another few weeks with NC leaving this game to dry and half the population of both DN and KT will quit cause they havent fixed a single nyerk thing in two months
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 5, 2018

    just saying the ORIGINAL prices where like that for broker. but you post 4.8 nubs dont know that. thats how it was pre 4.8. you paid 20% of the list value to list an item and it was 30% at level 2 but there was no post sale kinah reduction like there is now. so if you sold something for 200mill you made 200 mill from that sale after paying the listing fee
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 5, 2018

    welp I quit aion. 6 weeks since patch came out when warframe, wow, Revelation Online, destiny, and even overwatch. fix things in a more timing manner and within probably 2 weeks. GG @Cyan and the rest of NC. ya nyerked up a game that was so good. all it woulda took was go back to 4.7 or below. and to the 14 year olds no you cant have my account. I either delete it or let it sit to collect dust like NC does to this game.
  6. Grazt NC Soft you win

    shut up kid. you were heavily compensated cause of your pay to win BR ass. you want to know what it was like before in every other big update? 0 compensation NONE nada zip. just cause you cant buy your gear on the 3rd day of the patch and have 50 bill when there was a huge kinah nerf doesnt give you the right to complain. theres people who have played longer than you with zero compensation what so ever cause they didnt pay to win or spend 10 hours a day grinding this game. if anything 6.0 should have been a full on hard reset cause shits nyerked because of your "COMPENSATION" open world pvp is a shit show and groups for pve favor those that have exchange gear. so shut the hell up kid and get to grinding like how it was before 5.0
  7. Blood rune and blinding burst

    garbage compaired to blood rune. you will get maybe a 3-4k and 12k IF you crit. which goes down to 2k hp or 1.5k hp non crit and 6k hp if it crits in a health pool of 48-52k hp. see the problem? blood rune you could heal up to 9k in a basic level 30 ap magic boost set even after they nerfed sin (like they always have) you could get 7 to 8k hp back from having a magic boost pve set and using a level 5 rune on a mob. basically blood run was more valuable than the upgraded vamp and even in combat it worked well in sin vs sin in getting rid of aether twisting. Blood rune has more sustain in long term pvp without having to use 10 pots to heal up or wait 8 minutes for a passive heal when resting. all around better without using major cooldowns that may be needed for a upcoming fight. within the next minute
  8. Blood rune and blinding burst

    I feel that blinding burst being cut down to a 9-12 second blind was a bit to much. I feel a 10 second buff to 19-22 seconds could make blinding burst a bit more useful in pve and pvp. I also miss blood rune. every other class has some form of healing. sure sins have scoundrels bond but it only procs 50% of the time when your behind a target. its basically you either use that when your low hoping luck is on your side and you can leach enough hp in your large health pool or you disengage the fight to slowly heal up and by then all the enemies cool downs have reset. resulting in the same outcome. just to be nit picky can we get apply poison and apply deadly poison back. I miss my spamable skills QQ. also dash not as a chain skill
  9. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    @Cyan heres the biggest question how will the chances for transforms be. If its anything like EU a player named ItsMeBisu streamed for 2 hours opening 1250 transformation scrolls only getting 21 ancients while on EU player Livo get a legendary in the first 12 scrolls. sure its RNG but to have to open that many just to get 21 ancients considering you can only buy 1 transform scroll a week from what we saw on the EU PTS (granted it may be different) its still a major hassle considering the new weapons everyone will have will either be with +0% attack speed or +15% roughly if they get the right exchange gear....keyword IF.
  10. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    k and you need 5 or 6 nyerkin legendary transforms to convert it to kaisinel when it takes around 740 just to get 16 ancients. your point????
  11. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    for the people that think if they p2w a bunch of contracts they can get kaisinels transform here this is for you https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307853456 he ended up with 25 ancient transforms our of a total of 1,240 transform contracts. each time he spent about 2k aion coins which is 99 euros or $114 and was about 40 contracts each time. so unless they buff the chances dont hope for a kaisinel transform any time soon since unless you get super lucky you aint gonna get it. save yourself $3k that dictator will spend to support our servers.
  12. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    cool....whens 6.2
  13. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    you wanna say that then look back at 1.0-4.0....you walnut,uit complaining over a hard reset cause guess what the campain level 80 gear will be better than your p2w gear. and I dont run pve much cause the games about pvp not pve. just so you know gear dont mean shit. what matters is learning the instance attack patterns and everything else. like we did back in 2.5 with stormwing before it was made a baby instance cause people like you complained "its too hard nerf it so we can kill it". fun fact thats why beritra in DD was beat. cause it got nerfed. so dont ask nc to give you gear to carry your unskilled ass and accept a hard reset. like pervious major patchs
  14. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    im just gonna say if you guys actually put this through instead of a full hard gear reset your hopeless. ya know why cause a hard reset for casual players is what this game needs
  15. Fix the Lower Levels on AION

    sorry to hear your stuck in 2.0-3.0 but guess what aion is going on to 6.0 now with korea getting 6.2 low levels DONT MATTER. and guess what 80% of aions actual good players quit you know the ones with skill that pvp for 8 hours a day like me but the games dead its all pve and zerg or siege low levels are nonexistent cause they rush 66 anyways without a clue of how to play the game so yea might as well delete this post since only poeta and herion exist after 6.0 for elysea