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  1. While I believe it's a great idea, others might think it'll allow some sort of p2w. They need to be careful with the cash shop, especially after ruining the beginning with the candies.
  2. While I understand everyone wished they had Taha's weapon, we're talking about eternal weapons. You can still do great with a TL weapon and you'll still enjoy the game. I think we're ''lucky'' we got the craft for it so soon. This is classic after all, we need to stop trying to get max gear within a month of playing. Back in the days we had enough of one hand to count who would ever see one drop and we'd still enjoy the game. When 2.0 comes out, it'll be the same for Besh, but add armor on top of it all lol. Better get ready! If you're over taha, get a 50e pvp weapon and you will do great anyw
  3. From last night's siege, the damage the balaur commanders has been nerfed, but the HP from the duxes and the gates have not. We've never had that many people participate in a siege, and once again we were very disappointed to see that you did not fix everything as said for this maintenance. The merge has given life to classic, please don't screw this up by not fixing your bugs.
  4. My friends got 2 eternals in 2 runs. I doubt it's pure luck. They seem to have increased drop rates.
  5. NcWest during their meeting 2 weeks ago: Let's remove everything during the holidays. Make sure no one wants to log in!
  6. How to deal with bots according to NcWest: Step 1 = Do nothing for months. Step 2 = Instead of dealing with the bots, erase the loot table from every mobs. Step 3 = Ban players who kill the bots. Bruh what's next lol?
  7. What about when the whole server disconnects for no reason lol?
  8. Imagine getting 2 taha spears in 2 days but zero bollvig dagger in 3 months .
  9. Hi, I have done that and sent a ticket. They asked for a video footage of the event. As if it was our job as players to record the game in case it crashes on us. When it's not someone crashing, it's someone getting skill bugged (randomly unable to use any skills until you relog). Perhaps to go to character screen before taha helps, but is it the way it should work? I don't think so. In the end, they closed my ticket and didn't do anything about it. It was frustrating, so please don't invite your players to contact support when support itself doesn't know how to, well, support
  10. What's the problem here? I'm not sure it was intended to work this way, but can't we just be happy about it and enjoy it? Imagine having a ''bug'' that encourages players to come out and participate in sieges........
  11. I was also coming here to ask this.
  12. Hai come back to me thanks xoxo
  13. You’re strong enough stop gearing up kkthx??
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