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  1. Yes, I already send the message to the support, and if it is my desktop PC, it is not portable, right now I will install the drivers that you added to me, but I also have to go to work, upon arrival from my job I would try them and I would contact back to the photo, thank you very much for the help and recommendations
  2. yes sir, download the whole configuration, the thing is that I had already played aion 5.0 and had run very well on my pc, excellent, I never had any kind of errors It really frustrates me not being able to solve the problem and even more not knowing what the problem is: ((
  3. thank you very much for the answers, I do not know much about computers but I appreciate your help and I try to solve the problems there I leave the specifications of my team, to see if you can help me a little more, beforehand I thank you! https://ibb.co/gZub49 https://ibb.co/gACJHU I am really grateful for your help and I could not describe my gratitude if you can solve this problem, I wait for your answer, good evening
  4. Good afternoon, thank you very much for answering my request for help, I followed your instructions to the letter and keep the same error, I do not improve in anything, eye, something I omitted earlier if I ignore the error and I do not clickeo accept I can continue playing, until the texture of the game turns red and they say [Replace Me!], so I can play for about 5 minutes and kick me, when I can take a picture of the red pictures I upload the picture! note: I'm from Venezuela here the internet is slow, the download of Aion lasts 7 days, if it is possible to solve it without havi
  5. good afternoon friends of ncsoft I am a new user of the aion, I have a problem with the game, the problem is that when logear starts the game and when playing it jumps an error with the execution time the error says asi [Program: C: / Program Files / NCSOFT / Aion / bin32 / aion.bin] That's the mistake I have, this does not allow me to play in advance I thank you for the help and leave you the image of the error and if someone can help me, note already try to repair with the updater and you're already looking in the forums and I have not got the solution https://ibb.co/dWzHcU
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