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  1. There's no need for hybrids if 2 Cleric are better than a Cleric + SW/Chanter.
  2. But that's not the concept of balance. I don't want SW/CHANTER to have STRONGER heals than cleric, I want them to be able to solo heal same as cleric. I don't like to call a Cleric for every content I do, I want to have other viable options too. Something 5.0 brought was no tank needed for PVE content, that was awesome, It was terrible to find a Templar + Cleric Everytime because AT and Glad were useless tanks. Now even tanks have slots in content doing barely not the best DPS. Could we SW/Chanters have a minimum chance of doing similar level of healing of Cleric when we choose
  3. I disagree. Sorc is not absolutely useless because of other DPS exist. SW and Chanter can be solo healers with proper balance with stigmas, same as other DPS don't have their label as "useless" just for not being the most damage dealer than every other class. And Cleric for so long was the best DPS in-game, like, WHAT? Cleric is the most played class for a reason.
  4. I can't express how useless the Heal spec of Songweaver is. "Oh but it's supposed to give support to the cleric", Isn't another Cleric a better support for the main cleric than Chanter and Songweaver? Cleric + Cleric >>>>> Cleric + Chanter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cleric + Song, for survival. Why should I bring a Songweaver Heal spec over another Cleric? How can Chanter or Songweaver heal a entire party if every relevant PVE content always doe
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