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  1. Siege HP values need fixed Asap. It's critical that this is fixed over the weekend, if not tomorrow morning before more siege. And of course there needs to be an announcement about it so faith is restored to the player base (regarding sieging anyway) - A survey would be the best way to let the playerbase know. The longer this goes on the more players will leave the game since it's halting progression to get medals for ap gear, and the population of the game in general is already dwindling. Current gamebreaking/progression halting problems that need fixed #1 Siege HP Values #2 gold
  2. You don't need alts. Just have all campaigns done and The one Daevanion quest from level 30 which is quick and easy to do.
  3. Is Quna going to be purchasable with NCoin at a later date? (I bought some NCoin cards this past Sunday, before this was known, to use for Aion Classic) 😬😬
  4. I played Asmodian since headstart back in 2009, I'm going for the full nostalgia train here, gotta be asmodian
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