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  1. Its not hard to get a ult like it used to be but some just have worse luck than others. Devs adding more transformations (that are not ult ones) on the list that makes it more rare to get it.... I have ult no yet but it doesn't bother me if people want to buy a potion from bcm.... I combined legendary transforms more than 30 + times so I know whats unfortunate rng is lol
  2. I got the question. Does this server bug happen more than once a week for you guys? I play on DN so I would not know...
  3. Ok, since Kibbelz post didnt explain what the serious issue was that both the entrance and npcs had to be removed.. I'm curious,does anyone know why?I asked people in game but no answer either. I did the instance on several characters but didnt see anything strange (dont know about the npc rewards thou), so assume its 100% some kind of exploit. This isnt a rant post but I hope the fix wont take months to fix,thats all!
  4. NC should just bring back the private shop thing back if people wants to sell stuff like weapons,skins etc. to another toon and not worry about someone stealing their stuff.
  5. I think would be for the best the that Server merge between the servers would come already..... DN server is not in good a place thats why everyone going to KT lol.
  6. I heard several DN people couldnt transfer as well, even they payed the money and stuff. Its supposed to be bug so its not just you.Contact support if no one from staff responds here.
  7. So as the title says, when I try to register kinah in the warehouse. It doesnt do anything.Tried as deputy and brigade general Whats the point of bringing this option back if it aint working? Its a bug or am I missing something? Do I need to level legion to do it (currently level 5)? I trade between toons thats arent on the same account before someone asking. I thought I could avoid the kinah sink aka broker this way.....
  8. Most people are just going to say its your pc or something. Maybe try the good old aion.bin.old method. My client wouldnt even let me get in game after this patch.
  9. Many thanks to stormwing event (Which I really miss) that I got most of my +9 lv stigmas to 12+ and after five stigmas to +15 for my main toon. Thou some stigmas used absurd amount of stones to get it there.
  10. Thanks for letting us know since everyone had kept telling me that this comes with the new patch, not exclusive with event but I still call it a bad move. Very questionable stigma enchanting rng. You need over 100+ or even worse 200+ stigma stones (I have that happen) to enchant a single stigma to from +9 to +12. Do you think thats reasonable? Hope to see actual real stigma event with improved rates since we the only region that hasnt gotten something like that for a very long time!
  11. I think this game is impossible now to play without some ping reducer program because my ping is horrendous without one after this patch(before 7.5 I could get away with it since my ping was stable). I still get very big lag spikes now and then thou.
  12. No update on Shattered Abyssal?Before patch you said it would not get removed. We would like clear answer than it being hush hush about it. Instead worrying about this stigma ''event'', fix the lag ASAP because people are quitting the game over this.
  13. I cant get even past the title screen or where it shows the list of servers and when I do and dcs me soon after when I log on a toon today. I checked and its not my connection cause of this! I can deal with little bit of lag but suddenly out of nowhere these lag spikes, over 700 -2500+ ms is not normal. My usual ping is 200-300 (I dont live in the US). @Hime whatever you guys changed on your side for this patch ,its effecting many players!
  14. You mean p2w old players. I'm old player but I dont have single +15 stigma but I agree something should be done about this
  15. For some reason, the lag comes sometimes to Pandemonium as well even its not really crowded for me but I dont get any lag in instances like dredge or EC, weird. Hope this lag will be fixed soon because I want to do IDD and PF hard mode but dont want to be heavy carry to anyone with my client stopping me every few min. I checked Lakrum and Demeha too, so far not really lagging there.
  16. People being greedy instead of helping the faction nothing new sadly, with Lakrum and Demaha being cross server it got worse.
  17. Thanks, I was confused what this scroll item was for. I guess its for people who by accident lose their gear by accident and stuff.
  18. I tried enchanting this week. I got 6 stigmas +9 to 12+ but it very frustrating. I used 200+ on a single green stigma (R.I.P) and I gave up.... Could not get it to 12+.All stigmas I used were from Stormwing event.Hell no on buying stigma stones from bcm on this scam rng. I didnt count the total but something over 550 stones this week.Keep in mind I have +9 stigmas since 5.x if someone asking. I actually enchanted a 2 green stigmas both +4 to +9 in 7.0 and didnt take alot to get them then as now (maybe 35 each or less if I could now, I would not even want to do it now). BTW my adv
  19. There always that type of ''person'' who ruins things for everyone else.I hope this event stays as compensation for bugs and the lag.
  20. Please do something about the lag.Its very unbearable at times. I play outside of US too but I never this much lag ever before this patch ....
  21. I cant say since having client issues (game not loading properly, I'm not only one with this) but there few things that need to be addressed: *Paragon gear - I never liked 5.x gear breaking system and wont now. Its a waste to spend time farming and collecting stones for it in the end to break. Also enchanting for most of time is not a fun experience in this game.... *You buff the the damage classes and what about the defensive classes. *Minium instance bugged (the npc inside which starts the run doesnt work) and Abyssal is no where to be seen. *Making Lakrum and Demaha int
  22. out of 20+ something ult rings, only 4 got brilliant ( but only on today before that it was all fails until last day ), I didnt count how much ancient and legendary rings I tried to make ult rings but probably over 70+. This event sucked pretty badly but atleast I got the earnings.
  23. Remember that there needs to be atleast 2 group members inside the instance to pass stuff on different character. If you dont, then it will be like in solo instance that one person loots everything. How to pass item in FM for alt/toon that wasnt instance: 1)After killing boss, all group members Pass the item, CAREFUL to not loot it by accident. 2)Switch or invite the character you want the item to go to. 3) 10-15m wait to loot the item after passing, the item will be available when you see blue smoke thing. Dont need to hold boss,it should not disappear before time is up
  24. I'm from EU as well, I get randomly bad ping spikes at certain times. I check my internet connection,its only in game. Sometimes I have 2 clients on but only one dcs and has bad ping, 2nd one is fine. If it was something with my connection, shouldn't both clients have the same issue?
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